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10/09/2003 9:24pm,
what is luta livre?

10/09/2003 10:02pm,
Its the evil twin of BJJ.

10/09/2003 10:18pm,
It translates to "Fight Free", of free fighting, so some sort vale tudo-esque style I think. I'm not all that familiar with it actually.

10/09/2003 11:46pm,
I thought it was lucha libre...and isn't it mexicans in masks doing flips and ****?

10/10/2003 12:43am,
lucha libre is actually just spanish for wrestling, freestyle rules specifically. its what i grew up with.

luta livre is portuguese. possibly brazilian?

10/10/2003 12:34pm,
its brazilian as far as I know
Beyond that I'm as clueless as everyone else.

10/10/2003 1:02pm,
Luta Livre is not the same thing as Lucha libre... yeah, they are the same words in different languages, but Lucha Libre is Mexican fake (albeit occasionally quite cool) pro wrestling, Luta Livre is a NHB style from Brazil that competes with BJJ & is almost/as/more older... Use Google... ;)

10/10/2003 3:15pm,
I searched for it in yahoo and got a bunch of portugeuse web pages.
Maybe its from portugal?

10/10/2003 9:12pm,
aha! i have finally stumped bullshido! i rule!

10/10/2003 9:18pm,
Luta livre is indeed BJJs poor cousin. Marco Ruas comes from a luta livre school. There were quite a few dojo wars between luta livre and bjj practicioners.

10/10/2003 10:31pm,
Portuguese is the official language of Brazil.

Luta liver is also from Brazil.

The Gracies did not teach everyone. For the people who got the technique secondhand and had to look through the windows at class, they developed luta liver. A style mainly made up of ground fighting and includes strikes. It is the evil twin and rival of BJJ. Hugo Duarte is their biggest champion, and supposedly Pedro Rizzo and Marcos Ruas. Hugo made some instructional videotapes at one time.

Just learn BJJ. you'll be fine.

And I made up most of that third paragraph. pwn3d.

10/11/2003 2:49am,
lucha libre is NOT just mexican pro ****. its an olympic sport. same name, different meaning. wrestling, not rasslin. say it with me, san shoou....

10/11/2003 3:28am,
What a bunch of ignorant...

10/11/2003 6:30am,
luta livra = NHB.

10/11/2003 9:13am,
From what I've heard, luta livre concentrate on their stand-up more than BJJ, and also specialise in some downright nasty guillotines and leg locks.

Another of Luta Livre's prominent fighters at the moment is Alexandre "Pequeno" Nogueira, the younger brother of Minotauro and Minotoro.