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8/30/2007 11:04pm,
PROS: The Instructor was very adept. He was instructing a small group on kata and explaining what each movement was (ex. - an imaginary attacker is doing this, so you do this). This is important because so many schools are worried about you remembering this senseless dance and you have no clue what it's for. As for the good...that's about it.

Cons: _NO_ classroom discipline whatsoever. In my studies before now I was used a silent dojo, The mothers of the older kids had toddlers running around anf freaking screaming. The women (not participating in the class) were so incessantly loud with their cutting up, gossip, and laughter that I could not hear a damned thing the instructor was saying. The kids were actually allowed to throw beach balls at the students. Not only is this unsafe, but it is distracting. I was in shock. My mama would have beat my ass for such behaviotr in public.

CONCLUSION: Yes, karate is supposed to be fun. But I also deserve to be left alone by kids trying to run inbetween my legs chasing after balls. One day one of those kids might run right into a fucking kick! Need I remind any one how fragile little toddlers are? Then what? It won't be his fault. He's just being a kid! I really like Kempo Karate. But I will be damned before I spend my hard earned money on a monthly tuition to a school where my speed and quality of learning suffers because some people refuse to control their kids and are raising the next generation of criminals and narcissist's.

1/02/2008 3:40pm,
Discipline is a big thing for me. I came from a school where students wouldn't behave and wouldn't listen to me no matter how many time I would discpline them. That's a big pet peeve for me espically for something that is supposed to improve discipline in people. It sounds as though the instructor is not strict enough with the students.