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8/28/2007 6:18am,
Here is a song I qiuckly wrote depicting some of Bas Rutten's life, sung to the tune of Rasputin by Boney M

If I make some names or wordes sound funny and spelled wrong it may be my lame attempt to be funny or because the words sounded like they would go with the rhythum of Boney M's song in my head, enjoy

Sung to Boney M's Rasputin

There lived a certain man in Dutchland long ago
He was big and strong and they called him El Guapo
Most fighters looked at him with terror and with fear
But to Tilburg chicks he was such a lovely deer
He could teaaaach Slice to choke out Mercer
1, 12 seconds in the round
But he also was the kind of preacher
Bouncers would chuck out

Ra Ra Bas Ruttin
Lover of the guillitine
There was a cat that really was gone
Ra Ra Bas Ruttin
Dutchland's greatest love machine
He isn't paying me to write this sooooong :)

He ruled the Pancrase land and never mind Shame Rock
But his kata dances were realy wunderbar
In all of UFC he was the man to beat
But he was real great when he had a neck to sqeeze, Hey! (added for extra effect)
In the ring he was no wheeler dealer, though he lost a couple fights, barely
But in the street he was the kind of killer
who would kick, your groin

Ra Ra Bas Ruttin
Lover of the guillitine
There was a guy you wouldn't **** with
Ra Ra Bas Ruttin
He has a personality
It's so much fun to watch how he carries on

Spoken: But then his jokes and danceing became so funny that all the chicks in the club were all over him, kissing and rubing his bold head for luck, the bouncers got jealous and the cry to do something about this outrageous man became louder and louder!

This man has got to go declared his enemies
But the ladies begged "Don't you try to do it, please"
The Bouncer tryed to scratch the fire within his eyes
With a Bangardebangerdedang the Bouncer soon demised
Then four more guy came to smash his head in, guess they missed the memo too
Don't you eveeeer, dooooo that again, Rutten sang in tune

Ra Ra Bas Ruttin
Live shot and round house kicks
The bouncers grannys hit harder than them
Ra Ra Bas Ruttin
Promissed not to drink again, (imagine Bas Rutten smiling here)
One things for sure the doctors work is ahead

Ra Ra Bas Ruttin
Lover of the heel to groin
With any luck, the Bouncer will walk again
Ra Ra Bas Ruttin
It's time to do some teabaging
With Bangardebangerdedang, the blood begins to flow
And thats the end of the show
So now why dont you gooooooooo

Spoken: Im sorry, no I am not, now lets pull their pands down and play hide the bottle!

Inspired to write this from watching Bas Rutten on youtube and his fighting video which I would recomend to everyone