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Askari Hodari
8/07/2007 10:25pm,

There is usually a roda at the end of each class. This gives students the opportunity to apply technique in a spontaneous situation. Aliveness could be incorporated more thoroughly throughout the curicullum. Especially as it relates to drills and takedowns.


There are pads for executing various hand and foot strikes.

Gym Size

The space is not very large. However, given that its a relatively small group this is not a problem.

Instructor/Student Ratio
There is one instructor and typically no more than ten students. So the ratio is good. Students may be separated based on skill level and experience.


The atmosphere is always very friendly and collegial.

Striking Instruction

Techniques consist of hand strkes, kicks, knees, elbows, and headbutts. The range of techniques covered is fairly comprehensive. Emphasis is placed on technique and power generation.


Class time is often spent practicing various takedowns, including leg sweeps and throws. These are usually performed on a minimally resisting opponent, which obviously poses some challenges in terms of "aliveness". Evasion techniques are taught and applied via drills and the roda.

12/26/2008 1:49am,
Are these the classes taught by Tebogo?

7/27/2009 9:42am,
Yes, this is the group led by Tebogo. You can find more info at our new website, www.cdo-stl.com. Your feedback is appreciated as we update the site routinely.

While I appreciate the review, I'm not sure if this reviewer ever attended my class.