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1/31/2007 5:24pm,
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What is this forum for?

Discussion of Japanese Arts, from Unarmed Combat to Classical Weapons. Please post Ryu discussions including; techniques, histories and dojos as well as questions about lineages and people.

Arts Discussion includes:
Nihon Jujutsu
Okinawan Kobudo
Okinawan Karate
Nihon Karate
Nihon Kempo
Bujutsu (Kenjutsu,Bojutsu,Kusarijutsu, etc.)

So you do Japanese Jujutsu, Kara-te, Kempo, Kenjutsu, etc.?

Great! What Ryu? Seriously. Japanese styles (Kendo, Judo and Sumo are the exceptions) are organized into systems or traditions called Ryu. If you donít have a Ryu you arenít studying a real Japanese style.

If you do Japanese Jujutsu, well do you do Daito-ryu, which has a lot of small joint manipulation, or Koto-ryu which likes to headbutt you in the face? It's a very broad statement. If you want to talk about your art please be specific.

Will lineage wars be tolerated?

To a point yes. Argue your hearts out. Provide Evidence though. Because your instructor claims something does make it true, nor does it count as evidence. Who did they train with? when? If you claim something, expect to back it up.

Any topics taboo or does everything goes?

This forum IS moderated. But questioning claims and getting answer are encouraged. This of this as a place to discuss Japanese Martial Arts and as a JMA extension of the Bullshido Forum.

I'm really not in the mood for "why we do Katas" every week.

Thread necro > New Thread. At least in this forum. However, if what you got to add already been said. Don't bother. It will only annoy me.