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1/30/2007 10:07pm,
My aunt works for a cutlery distributor called Moteng, and she just got back from some kind of trade show in Florida. Anyway, Lynn Thompson, president of Cold Steel was on the plane, and after talking all about his extensive martial arts training, he was overheard talking about how if he lots all his weapons, he "still had these!" as he put his hands up in knife hand positions. It became the inside joke of the weekend. Need to open a jar? "I'll just use these!"
She said he's also a super religious guy. I used to like him, but thats just so damn goofy.
He's the guy on the right.

1/30/2007 11:41pm,
thats the old joke *raises hands* "the safety is always off..."

1/31/2007 1:27pm,
*raises hand* "I can have sex everytime I want."