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1/19/2007 7:14pm,
So I can get a killer deal on a Ruger P89 9MM (15+1) and I was wondering if any of you have shot this gun or know about it. Apparently it's on the lower end of automatics but several people use it in competition shooting because it's accurate and highly reliable.

Unfortunately, it's ugly. I mean, it fell off the ugly tree, hit every branch on the way down, then got beaten and set on fire by some anti-ugly protesters.





It's almost like the American version of the CZ-52 as far as looks go, but reliability trumps asthetics I guess.

Anyone ever shoot one of these things? I wouldn't be consdering this if the deal wasn't simply retarded, and a private sale so I don't have to deal with a shitload of fees and the waiting period.

Sam Browning
1/19/2007 7:40pm,
I've fired one, and it just felt weird in my hand, it had one of those recoils that made it feel like a "plastic pistol" non-to solid. The ergonomics were a no go for me.

1/19/2007 7:43pm,
I know exactly what you mean. It was the same when I shot Anthony's FiveSeven before shooting his (OMG FUCKING SEXZOR LOVE LOVE LOVE) TRP 1911.

I'll get a chance to shoot it before I buy it so that's a good thing. 15+1 + hollow points make up for the "LOL, europellet" 9MM issue too.

Sam Browning
1/19/2007 8:02pm,
Fire at least three clips through it, it will weird you out.

1/19/2007 8:08pm,
if the grips fit you, you think you can conceal it (if that's the plan, anyway), and you don't mind staring at it every morning... then it's great.

ruger autos are nothing if not clunky and reliable.

Joe Doggs
1/19/2007 8:26pm,
I have shot it before and own one. Stainless Steel model. one of the first things I did was get rid of the stock grips and got a aftermarket set. Improved the feel and stability in my hand a lot. The trigger pull is sort of long at least on the first round. I disasembled mine and used a dremel tool with a polishing attachment and jewelers rouge and gently slicked up some rough patches in the action. That smoothed out the trigger pull. Be carefulll if you do this as there several springs under tension. Use a good manual. Ruger is not known for its autos but a P89 is not a bad example just not a great one. If you can afford it I think a Glock is a better deal straight out of the box.


Don Gwinn
1/20/2007 9:41am,
I hate the safety, but you might not. I hate trying to reach slide-mounted safeties.

The Ruger P-series is known to be reliable, well-made, inexpensive and ugly. If you're looking for another 9mm and it's a great deal, shoot it and see if you like it. If you're just buying it because, hey, another gun is never the wrong choice, then you can get "cooler" stuff in the same price range most days. But the Rugers totally work, and the truth is that most handguns are not "pretty" in any real aesthetic sense. Some of them have nicer proportions, but if you really look at some of the guns people call "pretty," they ain't.
Similarly, I think the P-series gets a bad rap because the legend of its awful ugliness gets repeated and exaggerated all over the place--people who've never seen one are told how ugly it is.

Heck, the 1911 is nicely proportioned in some ways, but really look at one--is it beautiful?

1/20/2007 9:55am,
Yes, damn you! But I also think the FN P-90 looks great too.

But ultimately the looks don't matter as long as the gun functions when you need it to.

Matt W.
1/20/2007 11:22am,
I own the 2-tone. Looks exactly like the one in your picture. I LOVE mine. "Clunky and reliable" sums it up pretty well. I also, like Don, do not like the safety. Therefor, for those reasons I do not like it as a carry gun. But as a shootin' gun? Or even a home defense handgun (yeah, yeah, 9mm a little small, but...)? It's a great gun. If you can pick one up on the cheap, I'd definitely do it.

1/20/2007 11:49am,
I shot my neighbors. (He works for Ruger) I liked it. Reasonable accuracy and as I have big hands the grips felt good for me.

Roaming East
1/20/2007 12:48pm,
wouldnt say its 'ugly' per se. More like, unique.
Kinda has a VP70 profile with a Browning slide, Beretta controls and a Walther grip frame.

1/21/2007 1:49am,
The pistol is a great value 9mm.

I have shot the P-89 quite a bit and liked it all-in-all. It was in the top three 9mm choices for my last purchase and it only lost for two main reasons.

1. Short of a jedi mind trick, this gun can not be concealed.

2. Parts can be hard to get. Ruger is big on requiring parts to be factory installed and even my gun smithing friends say they can't get many internal parts for them. Break a part and you may be out a gun while it's away to the factory and back.

Don and the others have pretty much said everything else about it...

Oh and Don, I have a Ruger GP-100 with 6 inch barrel that I think is beautiful. I'm just weird I guess but some guns, especially my 1911, and motorcycles are not only beautiful, but nearly art.

Don Gwinn
1/21/2007 12:09pm,
Kinda has a VP70 profile with a Browning slide, Beretta controls and a Walther grip frame. We're getting into the realm of subjective personal opinions here, so take it with a grain of salt when I tell you that the VP70 is a truly fugly firearm and that you, personally, are a bad person for disagreeing. I'm glad we could have this talk.

Ruger GP100 Revolvers can be beautiful. Blued revolvers stand a better chance of being judged beautiful.

I don't really think the 1911 is ugly, I just think the "ugliness" of the Ruger P-series is a relative thing that's gotten blown out of proportion. I do find a nicely finished 1911 pretty, but I realize that comes from the way I view the design and the way I think about weapons, not necessarily because most people would subjectively agree that here is a thing of beauty. If you point out a pretty girl, most people, even other girls, can agree that there is beauty there. I think people get a little too worried about the appearance of a gun sometimes. Buying a gun because it's beautiful makes sense to me. Passing on a gun you want because it's ugly doesn't make sense. It makes even less sense if you don't make sure that you, personally, find it ugly.

Roaming East
1/21/2007 5:44pm,
And i agree, the VP70is ugly. Ive taken to using euphamisms such as 'unique' and 'modern' to describe any firearm that looks ugly to me. Just about everything walther has made in the past decade is f-ugly to me as are the polygonal nightmares that are glocks and most other plastic pistols. Beretta has done the same taking a fine looking utilitarian firearm like the 92 and making it look retarded with plastic grooves and excessive milling galore. Oh for the days of function over form.

1/23/2007 10:01pm,
I own an older P-85. It's an accurate reliable weapon. It doesn't jam that much, but has a very large frame. There have been a recall or two on it, but I'm not sure about the later models.

1/23/2007 10:07pm,
Honestly I want the Kel-Tec PF-9, but they recalled it and I have no idea when it's coming back out.

Anyway, I ended up spending the money on an iPod and the Nike+ running kit. No new guns for me until I get rid of my gut.