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12/17/2006 11:04am,
Yesterday I bought a rifle but am not very familiar with it and wonder if any of yall could give me a little background on the rifle or point me in the right direction.
The gun is a H&R 340 in 7x57. I love the 7mm mauser as a caliber but don't know much about the gun itself.
It's a wooden stock and a nice looking gun to me .
Any information yall can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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Don Gwinn
12/18/2006 2:52pm,
Ummmm. . . . nope. Sorry.

12/19/2006 11:07am,
What type of info were you looking for. From what little I know about H&R they were highly regarded gunmaker with a reputation for quality. They were also a government contractor for M1 and M14 rifles. The original company went out of business in the 80s, but was reconstituted in the 90s by Marlin.



I don't see the bolt action listed on their current Web site. Is this an older rifle built by the original H&R?

12/19/2006 1:34pm,
Thank yall for the replies and help. I actually found the info on the rifle I was looking for.

I was basically trying to get an idea of the quality and durability of the rifle in general and what if any spare parts would be available should the need arise.

TEA you won't find any info on the rifle on H&R's site due to it being a model built roughly between 1981 and 1984 and yes it was built by the old company using the old Swedish Husqvarna Mauser action . I hadn't seen one before and when I saw that one I snapped it up because I knew H&R had used the Husky actions as well as Sako actions in some of their rifles during that time period and I like that 7x57 as a deer caliber . The rifle looks brand new and the stock is immaculate (for now anyway) Walnut.

Thank yall again for helping out.


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