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12/15/2006 9:07am,
I have recently purchased a telescoping baton (From and in China, BTW). It is about 22-23cm collapsed and 62cm in total length. When collapsed it is completely cylindrical and the grip is a smooth fabric. It easily slides into your pocket and is concealed. In China this is a completely legal weapon (As are whips, but not knives/firearms). Besides, my gongfu teacher once told me that the laws favour bad people. To protect ourselves we must be prepared to carry. Our enemies will. And probably more lethal things...

I have discovered that from my pocket I can easily "whip this **** out" to maximise the suprise and damage on the first attack. I studied some Iaido/Battojutsu while in Japan several years ago and am suprised that I can (Theoretically) put what I learned from that into practical use here. When the steel segments slide out at high speed I think that it is quicker (Or at least seems to be), similar to Battojutsu. I have been trying to systemise some techniques and I 100% believe in this, no matter what kind of state I am in at the time (I.E. Ill, tired, et cetera). I hope to arrange some kind of sparring/"live exercises" with a partner over here. Comments?

- Maarten Sebastiaan Franks Spijker

12/20/2006 6:39pm,
Sounds like it could be very effective. Simple to operate and can deter criminals. You could make your own video :) Unfortunately they are illegal where I live. I know of some people who actually carried steel fans instead. The shock and awe effect probably was the biggest benefit.

12/20/2006 6:47pm,
I know I can buy them here, but if I get nabbed by the fuzz with one in my pocket, I'm in the deep doo-doo.

You should take up some stickfighting if you want to get really good with that baton. I'd love to get one myself, but the legalities man, the legalities!!

I'm not even allowed to carry one in my line of work (security) which i think is totally ridiculous. You're right, the law does favor the bad guys most times.

12/20/2006 7:00pm,
Hey! Good to know we're not blocked in the PRC anymore.

12/21/2006 12:06am,
Sure are not blocked here. At least on my computer.

I have been trying to look for a steel fan, as well. My gongfu teacher had one of these batons and I purchased a longer one. But they are never long enough. I would prefer one as almost as long as a car antenna. I have looked into stick fighting in China with no luck. The next best thing is to learn how to fight with a baton from a Wujing (Martial police). I know one who can teach me Sanda, Qinna, et cetera. He also teaches the police. I hope to begin studying next week.

I think the shock factor is quite important here. In reference to the 9 cuts: Cut number seven comes up to strike the groin or chin. Try whipping out a baton from your pocket in this way and you will see how effective - and surprising - it would be. I have also noticed that when you hold it up without taking it out of your pocket it looks like you are pointing a gun (Feels like it too). I think that it wouldn't even be necessary to fight with it. People would get the idea and leave. But I always like to train for any situation anyways. ;)

If someone saw a war fan I doubt that they would take it as seriously so you'd have better have the skills to back it up. =P The Sjambok was the same for me. It could escalate a fight easier. With the concealed baton I have so many options. When they see that sleek, shiny, rod whip out they will think twice about fucking with this bloke.

- Maarten Sebastiaan Franks Spijker

12/21/2006 12:58am,
wish I could legally carry one of these, Ive got somethin like it, but its an old thing (pre WW2) and doesnt really lock when compacted.

Not exactly the same weapon either - mine has a semi-flexible tightly coiled thick spring with a ball at the end - probably has a name, I just dont know it. Its dangerous, no doubt. A bit different than the rattan & wood I train with but it transfers over well.

12/21/2006 1:04am,
O, I've seen those too. Yesterday my wife and I went to a market and they were sellingg Tibettan knives. They have all kinds of **** (Certainly not from Tibet). They had a sword baton. It's a baton, but when you whip it out it's a long blade. I was like: DAMN... I think that goes above and beyond! "I swear I severed his head from his torso in non-premeditated self-defense." In the West the minorities are all allowed to carry long-arse knives that I would equate to sabres... something about their culture?

- Maarten Sebastiaan Franks Spijker