View Full Version : Tendering my resignation

4/01/2006 12:42pm,
I cannot in good faith, work for Martial Arts Planet.

Thanks everyone, for all the great postings over the years, good and bad.

Good luck.

4/01/2006 12:44pm,
Then do it in bad faith like Dai Tenshi is learning to.

4/01/2006 12:44pm,
I will hold you tender as you resign.

4/01/2006 12:50pm,
+rep for Anthony, -rep for everyone else!

4/01/2006 12:52pm,
A representative will be along shortly to silence you.

4/01/2006 1:22pm,
Ah damn.shouldn't ruin it for the morons.

4/01/2006 1:52pm,
We must find it within ourselves to assimilate you stubborn ones into this higher plane of consciousness.

4/01/2006 2:27pm,
We at MAP appreciate the service that Omega and Anthony put in and wish them luck on their future projects.

4/01/2006 3:02pm,
One day I hope you guys will become enlightened and return. Good Luck on your martial journeys.


Omega Supreme
4/01/2006 3:20pm,
Thank you for your comments Asia but I don't think that asswipe omega has the balls to come back here. He couldn't handle it in the real world so he had to seclude himself with a bunch of hating ignorant teenagers.

Sun Wukong
4/01/2006 6:40pm,
I for one will always miss Omega very much... but I still have the imprint of his Size 12 workboots on the edges of my silken sheets to remember him by... and make love to.

4/01/2006 7:20pm,
Ah damn.shouldn't ruin it for the morons.
I'm sure w you shold miss the hwatness of swedish girls on this nitht. On the other handby the look of things from here it seems that the Canad ian government has cracked some sort of plan to export cutexchicks to Sewden under disguise as exchange students. THis confuses me.