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12/28/2005 5:03pm,
Have you ever wondered who the man is behind “Kung Fu Does Work (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/member.php?userid=112)”? (AKA “Evil Rotten Elf”). Have you ever wondered what style of kung fu he practiced? Have you wondered why his contributions to this forum are so full of vitriol? Why he is consistently misogynistic to the women members of the forum that have an audacity to try to participate in mans business? Have you wondered why he hides his style, location, and identity? Have you ever wondered what shadowy figure lurks beneath this often belligerent member?

I wondered why a long standing member of this forum who lived in the Southern California area had never shown his face at any one of the four Bullshido Throwdowns that have occurred here in the last year. It is a principal of this site that if you’re going to talk yourself up, you better be prepared to back it up in real life. Our So Cal throwdowns would be the place to do this, and due to the kind of things he posts his absence has been palpable. I felt it would be a special treat if he showed up to show us his stuff. So I made it my mission to invite him. I found getting a response was quite difficult.

After persistent asking, He responded to one of my invitations with the possibility that he might attend. Progress! Or so I thought... So then I went about setting up the time and space for the throwdown. I gave the users a selection of dates to pick from, and notified them through Private Message. Unfortunately KFDW ignored this and was absent from the discussion.

These holidays are a stressful time... a surge in forum drama seemed to reflect this. KFDWs contributions during this phase made me wonder who had frozen his fruitcake or put coal in his stocking. This post is a gem ( http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?p=824780#post824780)

I am concerned ONLY with the CMA image and welfare. That is the ONLY reason I even ever bothered with you. Dispellling the ignorance of both the CMA practitioner and detractor is the only way to bring CMA out of the darkness.
you need us more than we need you. You by yourself aren't qualified to fight fraud and ignorance in CMA. We are. Bottom line, we are doing what we do anywhere we go. We don't need bullshido for that. We're doing you a favor.
You only tolerate us. We are here because we serve a pupose. Just to show that you have fair representation. We're like cattle to you, a commodity.
You do have to satify your fan base of MMA nuthuggers. Those kids do pay the bills. You do want to dispell fraud in MA, just as long as it serves you. Just as long as its pure grappling at the head of the line. Even though "crappling" has been eating away at the gracie dream. So in turn, you take a hard line and decide that its back to the original model. Its doesn't matter whom you alienate since its been your plan all along to revert to a strickly pro-MMA venue.
I never really believed I was there for bullshido, but against it. Policing the police. I can see all the little little leaches and haters bringing up the rear like dogs lapping up blood after a beheading. Its cute. One man's crusader is another man's whiner.
They are starting see the inequity. They are starting to realize that this site for all its promise is nothing more than sherdog with a shiny black wrapper. So you go ahead, march on, in a little while you would have driven away most anybody here that really matters and you'll have a million wanking fanboy kids, again.

If KFDW was concerned with the image and welfare of his art he would represent it in REAL LIFE.

He responded to my Challenge with insults (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?p=825512#post825512)
Its time to take your retard pill.So I responded in kind:
I'm going to haunt your soul until you either attend my throwdown or put me on ignore. Omega, Asia, JFS, Omar, and plenty of other CMA folks have had no qualms about throwing down... what the **** is wrong with you? To which he obliged:
Man, you are now an ignored retard.He may find now that ignoring me is more difficult than clicking a link in my profile.

Here are some other gems:

You arguement is weak and pathetic. You are trying to pull out every silk pajama stereotype snide elitist comment and you expect anyone to believe you?
Did you wear your cheerleader outfit when you thought up that gem? Ah trollshidoed.
Welcome to shershido. Where the mods are now set fully on asshole.
Actually the entire site belongs in trollshido.
look everyone, Osirus is on his unicycle.
Do you need a mirror to pedal backwards? Or do you just ride backwards?
And If you don't remember, or you weren't around. I was here as a lone JFS type before he became in vogue. Trying to correct the ignorant slop that came out of your dear asoupian. [NOTE: JFS backs up his **** talking by actually attending throwdowns]
Remember folks, soupy is Neal's extention. He represents all the things that Neal can't say or do by himself without being deemed a sherdog wannbe and have everyone accuse him of total BJJ nutridernation. This is why aesop is not going anywhere and has become the flying free fucktard forever. 4F. tee hee.
Yes this small sample of is the level of intelligent discourse that we have come to expect from our dear KFDW. There are nearly four thousand of these kinds of posts littered throughout this site.

Now who is this shadowy figure with his undisclosed location and his “Style: **** you” that lies beneath the cloak of anonymity?

His name is Rudy Abel, AKA Sifu Rudy Abel .



Also, you mentioned that My Sifu is the ONLY one teaching the traditional system in this country, correct? Have you had a chance to check out Sifu Rudy Abel and his Sigung, Master Guss Rubio yet?

They teach a Southern Tai Tzu line and the Six Step Monkey Boxing.


My name is Rudy Abel. I am a student of Master Gus Rubio. We do a Southern branch of Tai Tzu Chang Chuan. It has 32 sets and 7 Monkey sets. My teachers teacher was Master G. Salis Ling and his teacher was Master Lee Wai Fong. We do NOT recognize Master Kash as an Inheritor of our system and we do not have any obligation, loyalty, legal bidings, or even previous knowledge of such subservience. The statement that Master Kash is the ONLY official of ALL of Tai Tzu Longfist of the western hemisphere is unrecognized by our branch. ANY statements to the contrary about our system will be met with due action.


Stats: 5' 8" / 195 lbs / Dark Brown eyes / Dark Brown hair
Direct Contact: (951) 543-6831
A native of Miami,FL.,I now reside in Southern California.
As you can see below, I've been doing martial arts for more than two-thirds of my entire life. Its what I do best. Falling is easy, comedy is hard. Although I'm told I do both rather well.

23 years Martial arts experience.

Northern Shaolin
Sung Family LongFist
Southern Monkey Style

Multiple weapons skills. Staff, broadsword, flexible weapons and more.

Multiple time competition champion
Regional, National and International

Notable tournaments:

Lee koon Hung International '94
Winner 1st place instructor level

John Pachivas Open '89 '92

Winner Chinese Black belt level weapons and hand form performances

Without further adieu, here is the man of the hour in action

http://bullshido.net/gallery/data/534/thumbs/KFDW1.jpgRudy Abel Monkey Kung Fu Form #1 (http://bullshido.net/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/1061/cat/534)
http://bullshido.net/gallery/data/534/thumbs/KFDW2.jpgRudy Abel Monkey Kung Fu Form #2 (http://bullshido.net/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/1062/cat/534)

I part with a KFDW Haiku:

If Kung Fu does work...
will he then throw down with us?
Monkey Kung Fu man!

And an appropriate quote:

Black belts who're afraid to thrown down is like a swimmer afraid of getting in the water.

12/28/2005 5:14pm,
LOL! There is no such thing as negative advertising.

12/28/2005 5:16pm,
LOL! There is no such thing as good CMA.

12/28/2005 5:23pm,
you must really hate this guy

12/28/2005 5:25pm,
You have no idea.

I guess context isn't his stongest suit. So much for keeping BBC posts off the radar.

12/28/2005 5:28pm,
LOL! There is no such thing as Aesopian.

12/28/2005 5:29pm,
I enjoy the idea that I don't actually exist except as a figment of KFDW's imagination.

12/28/2005 5:30pm,
And this thread makes you?...........more secure about yourself?

So you found out who he is (or not), what does that mean? Does a person really have to go out and fight to prove anything?

You are a retard.

12/28/2005 5:31pm,
so the whole bullshido expose` is just pointing out the fact that KFDW won't attend a throwdown? Isn't this common knowledge?

12/28/2005 5:31pm,
The world will never really know.

12/28/2005 5:31pm,
KFDW, why not just go to the throwdown ?

12/28/2005 5:32pm,
And this thread makes you?...........more secure about yourself?

So you found out who he is (or not), what does that mean? Does a person really have to go out and fight to prove anything?

You are a retard.

end of thread...............

you rule

12/28/2005 5:32pm,
And this thread makes you?...........more secure about yourself?

So you found out who he is (or not), what does that mean? Does a person really have to go out and fight to prove anything?

You are a retard.

well, when you say **** like "the only things you'll get from me are broken bones" and other lines of "hey, Im a fucking major bad ass", you kinda do need to fight to prove something.

You are a retard.

12/28/2005 5:32pm,
I dont hate KFDW . What I hate is the bullshit mouth yapping without anything to back it up . I make an effort to keep my fucking mouth shut becouse I havent shown up @ a Throwdown yet .

I personaly wish others would follow suit .

Shut the **** up or Throw hands damn it ...

12/28/2005 5:33pm,
What and give up the suspense, never.

12/28/2005 5:35pm,
Frankly at this point its useless. We have had several CMA people attend throwdowns . Did that change the face of bullshido? No.