View Full Version : Did the NBBF finally die? Did ex-MBBFer really think this is a good MABS thread?

8/24/2005 6:38pm,

Anyone out there following the NBBF? Anyone know what it is/was?

It stands/stood for the National Board Breaking Federation.

It was founded by Sensei Michael Erb of Tiger Schulmann's Karate, a 5th degree black belt.

It attempted to rekindle interest in the long practiced art of Tamashawari and it's primary clients were TSK schools. TSK required board breaking as a part of their black belt test, which was a convenient/captive market for the NBBF. Now, TSK has removed board breaking from their black belt test.

It has recently dissapeared off the face of the earth. The website is gone, the toll free number is disconnected, and allegedly Mike Erb has been booted from the TSK organization as well.

Anyone have any experience/insight as to what happened?

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8/24/2005 6:45pm,
They all watched Enter the Dragon and realized boards don't hit back.

8/24/2005 7:33pm,
looks like its still active.....i found some evidence that there are still programs that are at the very least influenced by the NBBF.......
http://www.southbaynews.com/news/2005/0315/Sports/133.html. The most recent evidence i can find that its still active is on http://shaiankurai.blogspot.com/....look under the entry on april 28, 2005.

3/20/2007 2:28am,
as a kid i trained under Sensei Michael Erb.. i left the organization shortly before i began college in 2001.. apparently after that he took over for the NBBF but from what im told he ran it into the ground and its all but gone.. All i can speculate is that TSK kicked him out of the company and nobody has heard from him since.. including me and I trained under him for damn near 10 yrs

3/20/2007 4:20pm,
why is this here?

3/20/2007 4:28pm,
Probably because it's not exactly a MABS thread and shouldn't die a horrible death in YMAS or Trollshido.

3/21/2007 3:54am,
Yes. Let's take board breaking out of tests. Very few people are actually retarded enough to fail a belt testing at a Soccer Mom Mcdojo. Failing to break the board is almost always the reason why they fail. So let's just remove board breaking altogether. Now even suckier people can get promoted to Black Belt. And even better, they can trick themselves into thinking that they're teh d34dly, and that they can break seven boards easily. Then one day they actually try it.

:suicide: :suicide: :suicide:

Darwinism at it's best.

Edit: I used to go to a crappy little TKD place. Breaking boards was the hardest part for a lot of people. They either didn't show you the technique right, or they just let you keep your bad habits.