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4/18/2005 10:04am,
3 more RP jins lose in world tilt

MADRID: A series of misfortunes marred the RP-Petron tae kwon do teamís campaign in the World Championships here Thursday, but not even that could dampen the hopes of the remaining Filipino bets of pulling off a decent finish in the meet featuring the worldís finest jins.

Olympian Tshomlee Go again fell prey to his long-time Iranian tormentor, Dax Alberto Morfe was at the receiving end of a bad decision, while teenager Aphrodite Brillantes suffered a career-threatening injury at the Palacio De Deportes here.

A gold medallist in the 2003 Vietnam Southeast Asian Games, Morfe, picked by organizers as a medal contender in the middleweight class, overcame a roundhouse kick to his face by Venezuelan Jimenez Kleiver in the second round, salvaging a slim 7-6 victory.

Or so the jubilant Filipino contingent thought.

While Morfe was waiting for his second match at the warm-up area, Kleiver approached him together with a member of the organizing staff, who informed him that the arbitration committee had reversed the result of their fight.

"I was warming up when I found out that I did not win. I was stunned. The referee raised my hand in victory, yet I was not fighting on. The Venezuelan could not look straight at me," said a dejected Morfe, who was hoping to win as a gift to his fiancťe, former RP jin Margarita Bonifacio.

The couple, both gold medalists in the last Vietnam SEA Games, is scheduled to tie the knot on April 23.

Delegation head Noli Gabriel and coaches Jesus Morales 3rd, Noel Veneracion and Stephen Fernandez approached the committee and immediately filed a counter-protest, only to be turned down.

The committee ruled that the referee failed to make a standing count on Morfe when the Filipino was hit in the face, which should have resulted in a knockout win for Kleiver.

"We had no idea. We were not even informed that the protest was being deliberated by the arbitration board. And how could it say our player was knocked out when he was still standing and even scored two more points?" Gabriel said.

"When we filed a counter protest, they told us it was no longer possible since the decision of the board was final. Thatís a lot of nonsense."

Sung Chon Hong, the Philippine Tae Kwon Do Association vice president who also heads the technical committee, blew his top after being informed of the decision.

"Itís unfair. If thereís an error committed, itís the referee who should be reprimanded and not the player," Hong said.

Upon Hongís instruction, the coaching staff filed a protest addressed directly to the World Tae Kwon Do Federation president Chungwon Choue.

"We are not after the match. But the protest is being filed so that the arbitration committee can be sanctioned," Fernandez said.

Go fought Khodad Behrad of Iran on even terms and actually had a possible shot at finally avenging his two previous losses against the same opponent.

Then disaster struck.

With 30 seconds left in the third round, the Iranian landed a kick that caught the Athens Olympic veteran on the left side of the body for what proved to be the winning point.

"Iíve lost to him three times. This guy is very slippery. If there is another opportunity, I would like to get back at him," said Go, whose father, Tomas, was also a former national champion.

But of the three local jins who lost in the second day of action, Brillantes suffered the most.

With tears in her eyes, Brillantes lay haplessly on the floor after dislocating her right knee due to a bad landing in her match against Ergen Ulku of Turkey. The Turk was ahead, 8-3, when the referee stopped the bout.

"I felt something tear in my knee. I could not move it. Itís too bad this happened when the Southeast Asian Games is fast approaching," said Brillantes, who fought back tears while being consoled by the coaching staff.

An x-ray at a nearby hospital showed that Brillantes had suffered a severe anterior cruciate ligament injury.


Tough to hear about the decisions of the committee.

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