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4/13/2005 10:45am,
This has been discussed here but I don't think there has been an official post in News:

Ultimate Fighter - Season 2 Applications Being Accepted!
Submitted by: MMA Observer
Posted On 04/13/2005

The Ultimate Fighter season 2 application for Heavyweights and Welterweights is available online

After the successful first season of 'The Ultimate Fighter' on cable network SPIKE TV ended this past weekend, ZUFFA and SPIKE are accepting applications for a second season. The Heavyweights and Welterweights have been selected as the two featured weight classes for the event.

WELTERWEIGHTS - 155.01 to 170 LBS
HEAVYWEIGHTS - over 205.01 LBS

Check the website below for applications.



4/13/2005 10:48am,
J-Lau, you going to try and come up in weight and try for this or go it on your own?