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4/11/2005 4:50pm,
Karate exponent R. Puvaneswaran delivered the first gold for Malaysia when he won the below 55kg kumite event in karate. -- The Star

Puvaneswaran delivers first gold for Malaysia

Karate exponent R. Puvaneswaran made up for his failure in the World Championships in Mexico last year by delivering the first gold for Malaysia in the inaugural Islamic Solidarity Games (ISG) at the Uhod Hall in Medina on Sunday.

Puvaneswaran, who was a first-round casualty in the world championships, defeated Kazakhstan's Sagindikov Rinat 3-2 in the final of the below-55kg kumite competition.

The efforts of the 2002 Busan Asian Games gold medallist brought Malaysia’s haul of medals in the karate competition to three. On Saturday, the kata exponents took a silver and a bronze.

Ku Jin Keat bagged the first medal for Malaysia in the Games – a bronze medal in the individual kata event. He later combined with Cheah Boon Chong and Tan Chee Sheng to win the team silver medal.

The Malaysian team lost 2-3 to Iran in the final. En route to the final, they defeated Kuwait and Saudi Arabia by 5-0 margins and eliminated Algeria 3-2 in the semi-finals.

The Malaysia Karate Association (Makaf) secretary, Clement Soo, said that he was happy with the achievements of Puvaneswaran and the kata team.

“Having won a gold medal in the ISG, Puvaneswaran now deserves a place in the team for the Asian Championships in Macau next month,” he said.

“His victory over an Iranian, especially, in the quarter-finals was great. Iran have strong exponent and they are the favourites to dominate the karate competitions.”

He added that he was glad that coach P. Arivalagan submitted Puvaneswaran's entry for the below 55kg category instead of the below 60kg.

“I told the coach to let him compete in the lower category as he is national champion in that class. He heeded my advise and fielded L. Kunasilan in the below 60kg category,” said Clement.

He said that the silver from the kata team came as a pleasant surprise.

“We did not expect them to win a medal because Boon Chong and Chee Sheng are newcomers in the team,” said Clement.

“Jin Keat has the experience and we are happy that he guided the two to win a team medal.

“It was a good warm-up for the kata team ahead of the Asian Championships. But the boys (Boon Chong and Chee Sheng) will have to train much harder if they hope to win a medal in Macau.”


ISG? That sounds rather exclusive.

Wounded Ronin
4/11/2005 9:25pm,
Do we know what the rules were?

4/12/2005 3:03am,
A short Yahoo search wasn't the most helpful either.

Iran tops Islamic Solidarity Games standings

First Islamic Solidarity Games starts in Saudi Arabia

Athletic Teams in Saudi Arabia

Also found some weird page about 'karate football' but that just seemed to be the two separated...

4/12/2005 7:29am,
3. The Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation (ISSF)

Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this Federation comprises representatives of National Olympic Committees and other competent authorities of the member States concerned with sports. It fosters cooperation among the member States in the field of sports and strives to promote healthy sportsmanship among the youth, drawing upon the Islamic values of excellence and judicious merit in all competitive events. It popularizes the Olympic sports movement in the Islamic, countries and coordinates and unifies the positions of the member states in meetings of Olympic International and of other international sports bodies and organizations.

The Sports Federation is administered by an Executive Committee headed by its Chairman. The Executive Committee is elected by the General Assembly,*the governing body of the Federation.

For further details the Headquarters of the Sports Federation may be contacted*at the following address:

General Secretariat:

P.O. Box 6040

Riyadh, 11442, Saudi Arabia

Fax: (9661) 482 2145 /4013628

e-mail: [email protected]*

that appears to be the outfit that organized the games... if you care to email.

it APPEARS that they are generally doing olympic style sports, but without ioc recognition (due to the inherent discrimination in the islamic solidarity games).