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4/10/2005 12:22am,
Armory in Harlan ends fights after 'full-fledged riot' by fans

Saturday, April 9, 2005
The Associated Press

HARLAN - An eastern Kentucky fight promoter will not be able to schedule any more bouts at the Harlan National Guard Armory after a brawl among spectators last weekend.

Warrior Fighting Challenge will have to find another venue for its matches, said 1st Sgt. Ottis Capps, who handles booking at the local armory. The decision was made after last weekend, in which the fighting, a blend of boxing, wrestling and martial arts, spread from the ring to the bleachers. Loyall Police Chief Silas Whitehead, who helped break up the brawl, called the situation a "full-fledged riot." He said spectators who weren't punching each other were rushing to get out of the way. "You just couldn't control it."

Police said no one was seriously injured. Two people were arrested. "There were a lot of people beat up," said Sgt. Winston Yeary, a policeman in Harlan.

Police believe the melee started when the local favorite lost the final match. An angry spectator threw a cup or a bottle and hit one of the fighters. Other spectators started throwing metal chairs. With the armory off limits, Warrior Fighting Challenge promoter James "Jimbo" Collins already has asked permission to use the Harlan Center, a newly opened civic center, for the next match.

Kim Collier, director of the Harlan Center, said the city's tourism board will consider the request. "Taking that kind of risk is going to be kind of iffy," Collier said. "After all the excitement of the last time, it puts a bit of fear into our hearts." Collins said Saturday's melee wasn't so bad. "I've seen worse fights at a basketball game," he said. However, Collins said "the troublemakers" won't be allowed to attend any more of the matches. Mike Walbright, one of the Harlan fighters, said he hopes the Warrior Fighting Challenge can find a venue in Harlan County.

"People had fun all night, until one idiot out in the crowd got a little thing started," he said. "I know that put a black eye on the sport, but it wasn't the fighters." The state boxing and wrestling authority has received several calls about the Harlan County event, said spokesman Mark York. "We're working on gathering information about that event and what took place," York said. "It is premature to indicate what consequences could occur while this event is being reviewed."


Wounded Ronin
4/10/2005 10:29am,
What I don't get is how one thrown cup starts a large scale brawl.

So, like, do they keep M249s in that armory?

4/10/2005 2:00pm,
What I don't get is how one thrown cup starts a large scale brawl.Ask Ron Artest