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Sun Wukong
1/05/2005 11:33pm,
god damn, the french are weird.

I just watched a FUCKKKKEEDDD UP french flick, "Irreversible"... that movie is sincerely screwed up.

It had a 20 minute long rape scene it that was the most brutal thing I've ever seen. I'm not going to sleep right for days. Now the japanese are pretty screwy with their weird assed porn and all... but the french are god damned LOCO. Now, I realize this movie was supposed to be sort of avant garde but watching this movie was like biting into a twinkie and finding an aborted fetus.


the entire movie is shot with it's scenes shown in reverse order.

The rapist son of a bitch got away completely, the beautiful young lead girl was raped/beaten to death for 20 minutes non-stop suffering, the lead guys out to avenge the girl were hauled of to jail for brutally murdering the wrong guy (one of them was nearly anally raped very graphically in the process) and about 1/4th of the movies back drop was a queer orgy house. I'll never fucking even eat french food again. Next time I so much as see a bagette I'm going to hurl. It contained more intercourse scenes than most porno, before you get your hopes up, all of them with exception to the most ghastly rape scene ever filmed were GAY.


1/05/2005 11:35pm,
No profanity in the subject line.

Also, this movie has come up before, and it always sounds disgusting for the sake of shock value, but if you say this, some too-too art romos will say it was too "deep" for you.

1/05/2005 11:36pm,
Sounds like it might be worse than Old Boy.

Sun Wukong
1/05/2005 11:37pm,
**** wrong area.

1/05/2005 11:37pm,
"Also, this movie has come up before, and it always sounds disgusting for the sake of shock value, but if you say this, some too-too art romos will say it was too "deep" for you."

If they say that, hit them hard once in the stomach. When they bitch, say "I guess that hit was just too deep for you".

1/05/2005 11:41pm,
you don't eat french food anymore because of a movie?

1/05/2005 11:48pm,
American movies with a controversial content of brutality:
A clockwork orange
The passion of christ ( although Mel is one of us )
Natural born killers
Wild at heart ( remember the scene on the toilet?)

What does that do to your diet?

Sun Wukong
1/05/2005 11:51pm,
I'm probably going to sucker punch the first mime I see just in case he's a rapist. Okay, I'll still eat the food... those little fucking napolean's are good but if the guy behind the counter so much as says a word in french I'm going to stab him in the eye with a stale croissant.

1/05/2005 11:55pm,
you should stab anyone who gives you a stale croissant...

Sun Wukong
1/05/2005 11:56pm,
not a damn thing. those movies weren't nearly what this movie was.

picture the savage beating of christ from the passion only replace christ with girl and add a savage rape to it while the girl screams and cries and begs for her life. oh yeah, and a ton of all the wrong kinds of sodomy.

Clockwork orange was more than a little funny. Hell even the rape scene was a little funny.

NBK was little more than a spoof with guns.

Wild at heart was no comparison.

1/06/2005 12:00am,
Hmm, not sure if I want to watch it than.
Probably won't get the wife to come with me anyway.

1/06/2005 12:03am,
As if facts are stranger than fiction:

Sun Wukong
1/06/2005 12:04am,
dude, if you want to score that night, absolutely don't watch it. because no one who sees this thing is going to be in the mood.

Definitely don't watch this thing with a girl you are interested in sleeping with, ever.

1/06/2005 12:48am,
I hated that scene too.

Watch the 'making of' documentary, it will dull your outrage somewhat...

1/06/2005 1:48am,
Man Bites Dog is another wacko Frenchy flick. Sort of a spoof on the show Cops but follows around a serial killer. Never heard of the one you're talking about but sounds seriously fucked up.

1/06/2005 2:08am,
American Psycho and Requiem for a Dream.. How about those?

Also, that movie isn't a microcosm of French life. It's just some nutjobs that want to do the most outrageous film possible so they get attention.

Real French food is wonderful.