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1/05/2005 9:46am,
I was reading this thread


and it made me wonder which you would prefer to train with, a really good fighter with a good track record or a really good teacher with good students?

I think personally I would go for the good teacher. It's one of my pet peeves that the aikido I study appears effective but the teaching leaves much to be desired.

Peter H.
1/05/2005 9:48am,
A good teacher. I know some pretty good fighters who couldn't explain the mechanics of what they do, because it comes naturally to them.

Preferebly, I would want someone who is both.

1/05/2005 9:50am,
IF you can get both in one person, that is the ideal.
Those types are far and few between.
So, if you have to choose, I would choose learning from a great teacher over learning from a great fighter.

1/05/2005 9:53am,
Yeah obviously the total package is what we want but like with sports it does seem that the really good teachers weren't necessarily the best at their sport.

1/05/2005 9:55am,
This is also slightly pertinent to feedback's thread on starting a uni mma group:


My argument is that him being an amateur fighter doesn't mean he will be an able teacher. In my opinion, a good teacher is better than someone who has the skills but cannot effectively communicate them to another person.

1/05/2005 9:55am,
Well, look at boxing, look at the great coaches, Dundee, Stewart, etc. they were all boxers and fighters, but were they great ?

Otaku Waffle
1/05/2005 10:46am,
I prefer a good teacher, for the very obvious reasons already stated: it's not because someone is skilled that they are also able to teach those skills.

Usually, someone who started as an average fighter, can better convey the mechanics because they had to figure out how and why stuff worked to consciously use it.

The ideal situation, in my opinion is having a good teacher as, well, teacher and a good fighter as a sparring partner.

1/05/2005 11:39am,
It could be argued that a good teacher is a good fighter.

But that's not always the case.
I'd go with a good teacher who can put up a good workout and is somewhat serious about what he/she's doing rather then a good fighter who can't make any effort in teaching.

1/05/2005 2:14pm,
Depends on the situation...if it were 1 on 1, then I would want a bad ass fighter...but in a group setting a teacher would be more effective.