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6/01/2004 3:49pm,
i just cant stop laughing

6/01/2004 3:49pm,
....into a low horse stance.

Welll, if there's a more stable position, I'd like to hear [email protected]

Stable...get it? Horse...

6/01/2004 3:52pm,
argghh, can't stop reading...

WingChun Lawyer
6/01/2004 4:00pm,
The pain...

6/01/2004 4:10pm,
I did learn a couple new moves today. There was the "back kick", or "horse kick". I chamber my right hand high in my armpit, then grip my right shoulder with my left hand. I bend forward at the waist and kick back with my right heel, striking the opponent in the solar plexus (or the shin, for someone of my flexibility).

This is what happens when a school doesn't understand their own material, or copies it from another source. In a rear kick, the left hand should come up as a cover hand to protect your face, and the right arm should fire an elbow. The purpose of these two hands is to afford you some protection if you have misjudged your distance and your attacker is closer than you think. You may not get the kick if it's crowded, but the elbow should strike the ribs, or the elbow can even extend into a hammerfist. The left hand should cover your face because you should be glancing over your shoulder to spot your opponent. The rear kick should load by hitting your own butt. When the heel of your foot is at your butt level it should fire out like a piston to full extension, then strait back in. If you leave it out there you opponent will grab it and you will probably get dumped on your face. It's a great kick if taught correctly. I've used it myself in a fight and nailed a guy trying to rush me from behind.

6/01/2004 4:19pm,

Laughed all the way through. 9/10 for the article.

This sounds like a very nice school BY, and hopefully you'll be attending it more in the future...

6/01/2004 4:34pm,
lol @ your 1st lesson

6/01/2004 4:37pm,
I'm actually flabbergasted.

It's like a motorway accident.

6/01/2004 5:03pm,
lol at lesson # 2

Deadpan Scientist
6/01/2004 5:06pm,
This is awesome.

6/01/2004 5:33pm,
Can't wait to see what they finally charge. I bet they'll have two or three people
work you over, one really nice, one demanding the most you can pay, that sort
of thing.

6/01/2004 5:36pm,
lol at lesson 3 can't wait for no. 4

6/01/2004 5:43pm,
thanks for the blow by blow blad3. Nice to know hooked on phonics worked for you.

6/01/2004 6:04pm,
I've been reading these forums for a few months now and I have to say that, by far, this is the greatest thread ever. The reporting is fantastic. This place sounds like a real cult. Can't wait to read about the final lesson.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better than Pics of Disaster.

6/01/2004 6:22pm,
Dochter np, I'm always giving detailed insights and opinion's on posts I enjoy.

If you're really that thankful you can make your own psuedo post and I can LOL at every sentence, for your own pleasure of course...

btw you've gone from being the "-10" worst person on my Bullshido list, to no -12 (the lower the worse), making you my least favorite person. This now means that my no -11 and -10 slots are free, meaning my no 1+ and 2+ most favorite people have to go to -1 and -2 BECAUSE OF YOU, Dochter, so thanks again for your above post.

6/01/2004 6:41pm,
You've never successfully balanced a checkbook have you?