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1/31/2009 5:03pm,
Hehe. Pwned.

Thanks for the useless necro-post, newb

3/18/2012 4:23pm,
Thanks for the useless necro-post, newbAwe ****, this should always be To The Top! One of the very best threads, should be required reading.

I hope that the West Wind videos on this link are watched. There's even some sparring in the middle right one (Head Instructor Competition). I've failed at copying them.

and check out the costumes!!! LARP! LARP! http://www.westwindschools.org/

3/21/2012 12:28am,
i checked out their website, the costumes are top notch lol.

Know what i like about their system? The fact that they give an absurdly detailed review of what you'll have to do in order to get each new belt. Know what i don't like? Everything else.

What in the god damned **** does learning 11, ELEVEN new kata at once have to do with your ability to fight? What does that do to make you a competent martial artist? Absofuckinglutely nothing.

When you're going for black, you have to "make your own katas"? That sounds like a fancy way of saying "make something up, and we're going to steal it and add it to the required curriculum after you do".

What i'm curious about is, with something along the lines of 46 kicks, 120 self defense techniques, and 30 kata (from their website) needed to get to first degree brown, how proficient are the students at actually applying any of these? Not very apparently, since they don't actually spar.

Going from shotokan (where we rarely sparred) to boxing was an eye opening experience, because i quickly found out which of my techniques actually worked, and which didn't, and it made me sad that maybe 10% of them were actually useful, but it is what it is. I bet any student of WW put up against an equally trained student of boxing, MT, or hell even REAL karate would quickly find 95% of the crap they waste their time on isn't useful at all.

Once i have my own place to train students, i fully intend on making it known that while the style is going to focus on shotokan karate, that it's primarily an ART, not a self defense system, not a "i can train this and kick the **** out of anyone" combat method, it's an ART. The "fighting" aspects will come from the few things i've found actually useful from karate, and the rest from boxing, muay thai and jiu jitsu lol.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with teaching 9053180580 kata and techniques to your students, so long as you make sure they understand that's what it is, but when you label it as a lethal self defense style, when it clearly isn't, that's when bullshido is called, and i think that's exactly what west wind is, a bunch of bullshido.

9/05/2012 2:35pm,
I hate to necrobump this thread, but I haven't been here in a while and did want to respond to the questions in the above thread.

I trained at West Wind for four years. I will say that the form I had drilled into me there (with WAAAAY to many moves, variations, and katas) has withstood the test of time over 25 years and four different styles/arts. The muscle memory of that kind of ridiculous drilling really did work for the form and art of any style of traditional MA.

I did not, however, learn to spar, much less fight. I trained in Tae Kwon Do next (laugh your and my ass off) for a couple of years, then switched to Okinawan Shorin-Ryu for about six years. I learned how to spar there, and my form in kata competition was really, really good because of my years at West Wind.

I trained then at an "MMA" dojo, mostly Kenpo on the traditional side (which I have a black belt in), and Jiu-Jitsu/Judo/Muay Thai etc. on the MMA side. Again, my form kicked ass, but I will also say that the strength and muscle memory gained from the very traditional drilling at West Wind continue to serve me in sparring and less holds barred fighting.

I am a woman, and I fight against men. My speed and form are commented upon often as a plus when we are still on our feet, and my strength and grips are noted as well on the ground.

That said, West Wind is a cult now, and I would NEVER recommend them to anyone.

Hope it was reasonable to necro this thread. Plus, everyone should read this thread. EVERYONE.

Sam Browning
9/05/2012 7:12pm,
It was, information on West Wind is always welcome.

9/05/2012 10:40pm,