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6/04/2004 1:41pm,
Originally posted by Xodus
I very much doubt they're going to go to a mcthrowdown. They have a successful, profitable business model and they're not going to endanger that in anyway (and they'll tell their students not to go either)
Does anybody know a good hacker? What we need is some code monkey to redirect the WestWind URL to this topic! Or better yet, redirect it to a one page site that completely exposes them for what they really are. If we're going to take up a collection for something, that's certainly something I'd pony up a couple of sawbucks for.

6/04/2004 1:54pm,
Holy ****, bunyip was SERIOUS when he said they chambered their punches in their armpits.

6/04/2004 8:21pm,
Hey wait a minute, I got a Kyokushin bb doing kata like that!

Well actually my wrist would have been in an angle on the punch that would be a lot less likely to break it...

6/07/2004 1:38pm,

teh d3adly horse stance!!!

6/14/2004 1:22am,
Didn't William Hung go to Berkeley?? I'm sure if WW recruited him they would use his influence to spread WW gung karate wing chun/tsun fu all around the world!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

6/14/2004 11:35pm,
I drive by West Win almost every day. The glimpses I have caught through the window make me chuckle every time. They take themselves very seriously and they have put a lot of time and money in to a self-conciously "oriental" facade. It occured to me that they must be making some money from some poor suckers, I did not realize how bad it is until I read Bunyip's report. These guys are not just a bunch of clowns. Even though the whole scam is totally trasparent to us, they have developed a very clever system to extract as much money as they can from people. The whole thing is unbelievably manipulative. I feel sorry for their students.

6/30/2004 6:36pm,
Awesome you deserve a pulizter prize brotha!

Sun Wukong
6/30/2004 9:07pm,

I just watched their little video page and all i can say is: WHAT THE **** WAS THAT?

Did you see the kiddy boxing set to LL Cool J; i really dig the way they taugh their kids to lead with their face. Perhaps hoping that brain damage will prevent them from looking back on how badly their folks got ripped off.

6/30/2004 9:54pm,
Bunyip, did they ever call you back?

Wounded Ronin
2/12/2005 10:58pm,

Looks like it's curtains for West Wind, and a good thing that is too...

7/26/2005 6:22am,
I know it's very easy to knock this school. Just like I knock most every other school in the area. bunyips only experience is what he got for his intro lessons, which I agree are a bunch of hype and B.S. Of course they are trying to lure you in. It a business for crying out loud. I understand this. It's not a charity. I have to hear this crap all the time in the school. But please, don't waste my time because when you're screwing around, not being serious, I'm standing around waiting for my teacher to talk to you. If you wanted to know, you should really ask a student. Ask me. I wont bullshit you. This place is bank. If you are weak naive, then you'll fall for it.

Like anything anyone tells you, you take it with a grain of salt. Just like I take your report on your experiences. There is a lot of self adulation in these forums and in West Wind. Everyone running around saying "so-an-so is the best fighter in the world" and so on, has its purpose. They work very hard. They bust their ass for me. And I know from experience that if you need help at 2am, they'll be there for you. And not just the instructors, but the students as well.

Of course bunyip and everyone had a problem with them. They came in with a chip on their shoulder. They could see the bullshit, but not through it. It doesn't bother me. It's his and your opinion. I have tons of **** to talk about West Wind because I've been there for a few years.

I went to nearly every school I could find in the Bay Area before I chose a school. I already trained in Krav Maga and have a black belt in TKD and I learned a ton in the streets of Richmond and Oakland. Most of the schools I went to were only open for 2 or 3 hours in the evening. Most were group classes only. I walked into some schools and stood around and watched students teaching students and teachers teaching trash, never to be acknowleged by the staff. The black belts at some schools were sloppy and low energy.More than half were TKD. I wanted a self defense school with a little bit of tradition. I questioned wheather I should stay several times. But no school has what West Wind has.

West Wind has professional instructors who are at the school from 9am to 9pm, 6 days a week and rarely get a break. For my $300 a month I can practice 7 days a week, go to as many group classes as I want, have my private lesson based upon my schedule and have a lesson plan. I couldn't get half of this at ANY school at ANY price. And I can go to several different locations.

The katas are nearly the same as every other karate school. The techniques are much more brutal than most styles. Even more brutal than the Krav Maga stuff I learned. The training is very intense. My orange belt test was tougher than most crap I did at boot camp. The basics are the same as every other school. Kick, block , punch. Later you get locks, throws, parries, 101 different ways to take out an eye and even a bunch of **** I will never ever do in a fight. I learn several weapons. Black belts don't have to master all of those weapons on the wall, but they are familiar with most. You must learn to use a quarter staff, 3 sectional staff, spear and chinese broad sword. Most also choose learn to use a short staff, nunchaku, tonfa, sai, chinese whip and a few others if they like. There is also a handgun course which was way better than the crap I got in the military. And yes, we occassionally get to beat the crap out of each other. But that is kelp to a mimum because a signed waiver really amounts to bullshit in a California court.

Are there better schools out there? Are there better systems? Better teachers? **** yeah, but they aren't near me or they aren't availible when I am. And if being gung ho about your system is the worst thing you can do, then shame on West Wind. But, I much rather have a guy who is a trained teacher who loves his job than some weekend warrior who needs a few extra dollars.

As for the boxing. The school has several really good amateur fighters. They have fought in the Golden Gloves and national championships. Not bad for a 2 year old program. And if being a great martial artist somehow equates to being a great boxer, you have another thing coming. Both take a **** load of hard work. That's like saying a good rugby guy can take a hit from a 300 pound lineman and shake it of and do it again.

Whatever you think. I'm cool with it. I just want to show that someone in the school reads this and has balls enough to defend it.

7/26/2005 6:28am,
By the way. Tell me about these throwdowns. They sound like something to do. When's the next one. Maybe I'll put up or shut up, or better yet, we can see what those instructors can do.

7/26/2005 6:32am,
A black belt in TKD? You should ask Phrost for a special title above your name. 300 USD a month is insane my friend. Check the school out in my signature. We a ton of stuff you probably don't (okay we don't have firearms) for 60 Euros a month.

I think you are getting conned.

7/26/2005 7:06am,
A black belt in TKD? You should ask Phrost for a special title above your name. 300 USD a month is insane my friend. Check the school out in my signature. We a ton of stuff you probably don't (okay we don't have firearms) for 60 Euros a month.

I think you are getting conned.

The problem would be that I'd have to spend thousands in air fare to go to your school. Like I said. There are better schools, teachers, etc., but it's about time and options. And it's a huge school. Money doesn't concern me as much, but I am not loaded by any means. However, my school is on the busiest street in the city of Berkeley. The rent for a space that big is a ton of money. When you have 200+ students, you can't have a tiny studio like we used to. Sure, I paid $150 back then, but the school was too crowded to do anything and there have been tons of improvements and additions. Yeah, I hate paying so much, but knowing what's out there makes it worth it for me.

Your dojo looks cool. It may be bigger than West Wind's. And the equipment look great. But, I'm a lazy American and I don't understand German. They only teach Spanish here. I have no idea what it says.

7/26/2005 9:52am,

This is a pretty good read about West Wind.

7/26/2005 2:43pm,
Thanks for the link. Interesting stuff.

If all of these places are McDojos and Bullshido, then where and what is not? There are a million and one systems out there with their own brand of B.S. and we're the best mentalities. Is it wrong for them to make money or want to make more? Because I want to make an assload of cash and do nothing for it, too.

And aren't all of these schools based on traditions of students having unquestioned loyalty and servitude to their master? Isn't that part of the experience? Or is that one of the Americanized system ideals where I am equal with my teacher and can talk **** at will and be disrepectful and expect to be respected at the same time?

I came here to be enlightened. So, start enlightening.