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6/03/2004 7:39pm,
Check out the instructor fight video, are they fighting eachother or invisible ninjas of death?

6/03/2004 7:50pm,
Originally posted by Ashe
5901 Christie Avenue
Suite 108
Emeryville, CA


Looking at their web site, I realized that I stopped in to check out their Berkely school back in 2002. While they were nice, I remember watching them teach... it was terrble. The instructors were correcting form whether it was correct or not. The emphasis was more on homogeneity than it was on correct biomechanics. While everything looked very nice, the atmosphere of the place stunk of incest and masturbation. I could only take it for about 20 minutes before I had to leave. I might have born it for one or two private lessons, but watching a whole bunch of people getting raped at the same time was too much.

Send these miserable bastards some mail. Put them on every junk mail list and "prospective convert" religious list you can find. Putting their e-mail address in for e-lists is also an option.

The greatest evil is in C.O.R.E., most of the instructors are unwitting dupes who paid too damn much money to leave the system and start over somewhere else... so they've convinced themselves that West Wind is the best rather than feel like complete morons. If we can't put them out of business, we can at least make life a bit less comfortable by subjecting them to the high-pressure recruitment/sales tactics used by so many other organizations.

At least hold your horses until after the throwdown

Sam Browning
6/04/2004 12:12am,
I recommend that we forget about inviting them to the McThrowdown and instead ask Bun-yip to contact his local newspaper or TV station and ask to speak to a consumer reporter. These guys did not use duress to sell. Instead they used all the "group cohesion/mind ****" tricks to get people to buy martial arts services at grossly inflated prices. What is the normal monthly fee in calif, $110? They are charging four times that rate. Unbelievable!

6/04/2004 12:50am,
They're charging $$$ and the morons are still paying it believing they can defend two men armed with semiauto pistols. (earlier disaster photos posted by bunyip) I agree with Samuel, we should invite the local news crew to show what McThrowdown is all about. Training "Alive", learning and having fun in a non-egotistic environment. I'm tired of seeing DimMak news getting airtime.

6/04/2004 1:11am,
I wonder if this place was started/backed by some rich dude, or if the stuff in those photos was all paid for by the students. Christ, do you know what furniture/architecture/equipment and vehicles like that costs? I'll bet there are corporate lawyers who couldn't afford to decorate like these guys.

Or maybe it's run by one evil kingpin... perhaps the rest of the "family" signed even worse contracts years ago and now they belong to the school and do it's bidding. Whoever runs this organization sure knows what they're doing finacially (ethics are another matter of course).

6/04/2004 1:47am,
About the only difference I see between West Wind and Chung Moo Doe is that at least the WW instructors appear to get paid instead of being indentured servants.

Both are seriously cults, using classic cult techniques. And look at all that "go team" bullshit on the walls of the tournament.

6/04/2004 2:09am,
I'm still working on this. Don't want to get too into details since West Wind will undoubtably find this thread once I post the Throwdown invites. I really do want to get some of their students to the throwdown, though, and hopefully show some of them what martial arts are supposed to be like.

Anyway, I will of course post updates if anything interesting happens.

6/04/2004 2:18am,
Maybe if you promise some free patches you would get some to attend. I mean they all look like they could use some more patches.

6/04/2004 2:49am,
Originally posted by Chuan
Maybe if you promise some free patches you would get some to attend. I mean they all look like they could use some more patches.
LMAO!! :D He shoots, he scores!!

6/04/2004 4:11am,
I'm wondering what the hell all those patches are for. There seem to be countless dozens of them, and I bet you have to pay five bucks for each one, too.

"Mom, I got another patch today!"
"Well done, son, what was it for?"
"It says that you have paid $10,000 so far. Another $10,000 and I get another badge!"
"Marvellous, son. Now go and disarm some robbers with semi-automatic weapons for mommy, then come down for dinner."

6/04/2004 4:37am,

I very much doubt they're going to go to a mcthrowdown. They have a successful, profitable business model and they're not going to endanger that in anyway (and they'll tell their students not to go either)

They've got to have some grip on reality, the act of completely delusional grandeur I'm sure is part of their sales pitch (and lets face it - its going to fool most people). I doubt any of them would actually think they have a hope in hell of competing against a well trained mma guy.

I think the way to handle this is to get a tv crew in there to expose them as frauds like someone here already mentioned. Or go in there for a challenge match with a camera cos I don't think they're going to test their 'skills' against anyone unless they are up against a wall and have no other choice.

6/04/2004 7:03am,
Bunyip, any chance of scanning the flyers on here? I'm curious.

And well done - you're a Prince among men, Sir :)

6/04/2004 9:26am,
I think Bunyip is better than all the Gracies put together.

6/04/2004 10:15am,
Bunyip, this sounds just like the experience I went through, you were right! What a bunch of crap!

6/04/2004 10:17am,
Jinksy - Jking designed the flyers. They're in another recent thread in Generel Bullshido.

6/04/2004 10:34am,
As far as McDojo-style approaches go, C.O.R.E. is brilliant. It allows the instructors distance from the predatory demands for payments. Hey, Im just here to turn you into t l3thal fighting machine. If I could teach students for free, I would. Anyhoo . . . someone from C.O.R.E. is waiting for you on the phone.

The recruiting structure is almost identical to that of that employed by Temple Kung Fu. The main differences seem to be that they actually re-invest money into the training environment and pay their instructors well. At least some people are getting something out of the training.