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6/03/2004 11:22am,
Hm. If you're going to post West Wind Pics of Disaster, you can't leave these out:

(From the finals of their May 15th tournament)


6/03/2004 11:23am,

6/03/2004 11:23am,

6/03/2004 11:27am,
I think if he just ducked the two guys would have shot each other. Plus, once he
disarms them, why hold what appears to be a .45 by your ear? The recoil will pop
you in the head and the noise that close may permanently damage your hearing.

I'm beginning to wonder if this style has some flaws. I'm saving my $1900 for a
different school.

6/03/2004 12:11pm,
Bunyip at least deserves a Bullshido Tshirt

6/03/2004 1:57pm,
i think we should prolly send an email their way and let them know about the thread so they can try and defend themselves (and it'll be almost as funny as bunyip's accounting if they try) and so that they can get an offer to go down to the norcal throwdown.

6/03/2004 2:07pm,
Give it a couple weeks. I think we've got a better chance of them showing up to the Throwdown if they don't realize how much we're laughing at them. And in case you missed the throwdown flyer thread, I will be posting invitations to the throwdown outside their school. So keep your fingers crossed.

Keep in mind that the goal here is not to humiliate the unfortunate WW students, but rather to show them that they're getting scammed and encourage them to find a better school.

6/03/2004 2:11pm,
Bunyip, your new avatar is extremely appropriate for your undercover work.

6/03/2004 2:15pm,
i would think that the "humiliation" would get the students to the throwdown where they can learn for themselves. i would assume that most students are beliving the force fed crap they are gettting from their instructors, as such if they are told that it is disrepectful to go they won't....unless they are angery and have something to prove. that and if we can get people on the board to try to back up their claims, than that's all the more rope to hang themselves with when they do show up and can't throw a chi ball.

that and i think every place we label as bullshido/mcdojo should have a say in defending themselves

6/03/2004 2:31pm,
If you send an email to the school, the instructors aren't going to tell their students, "There's this bulletin board making fun of us, you should go look at it." They're going to do the best they can to keep their students in the dark, and any student that asks about the flyers outside the dojo will be told that we're a bunch of closed minded, violent, MMA troglodytes who just want to beat them up. And none of them will disobey their instructors and show up anyway.

Throwdowns are NOT fight clubs or challenge matches. Trying to turn them into one by making the WW students angry (by emailing their instructor??) is not going to result in a bunch of openminded students coming to the throwdown with the intent to learn.

The flyers I'll be posting are very warm and fuzzy. They have bullshido.com featured on them prominently. Hopefully the more open minded students will take the initiative to look into it themselves.

6/03/2004 2:36pm,
I also brought a hidden tape recorder. Unfortunately, they took me down to C.O.R.E. while I was still in my gi pants, foiling that plan. rofl

6/03/2004 2:44pm,
Is it just me, or does the guy doing the gun disarm sort of look like Phrost?

6/03/2004 3:01pm,
:D Classic

LOL, He actually told you he was dissapointed? A last tactic to get you to sign up, maybe. $1900;
$450 for kata classes - true, true Bullshido.

They seemed like very nice (business minded) people though.

Classic Thread.

6/03/2004 3:44pm,
Originally posted by bunyip

Keep in mind that the goal here is not to humiliate the unfortunate WW students, but rather to show them that they're getting scammed and encourage them to find a better school.

Respect to you Bunyip.

6/03/2004 3:45pm,
5901 Christie Avenue
Suite 108
Emeryville, CA


Looking at their web site, I realized that I stopped in to check out their Berkely school back in 2002. While they were nice, I remember watching them teach... it was terrble. The instructors were correcting form whether it was correct or not. The emphasis was more on homogeneity than it was on correct biomechanics. While everything looked very nice, the atmosphere of the place stunk of incest and masturbation. I could only take it for about 20 minutes before I had to leave. I might have born it for one or two private lessons, but watching a whole bunch of people getting raped at the same time was too much.

Send these miserable bastards some mail. Put them on every junk mail list and "prospective convert" religious list you can find. Putting their e-mail address in for e-lists is also an option.

The greatest evil is in C.O.R.E., most of the instructors are unwitting dupes who paid too damn much money to leave the system and start over somewhere else... so they've convinced themselves that West Wind is the best rather than feel like complete morons. If we can't put them out of business, we can at least make life a bit less comfortable by subjecting them to the high-pressure recruitment/sales tactics used by so many other organizations.

6/03/2004 7:26pm,
I don't have the energy right now, but go check out the video clips on their website. Most were horrible. The first clip (sparring) was... spastic. I will, however, give it up for some of the boxing and for the last clip of the guy doing some mantis form. Although I'm not a fan of forms, that guy could move. I'm not sure if he can fight, but he sure looked pretty. :)