View Full Version : I've started training at a McDojo!

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6/03/2004 4:18am,
Thanks Bunyip, for a great read, your undercover report was truly inspirational. I'm glad to learn that you survived the McDojo experience with an unwashed brain, and an intact bank balance.


6/03/2004 5:02am,
**** you Bunyip. You're worthless and this whole thread is a waste of time.

Not really, but with all of the Bunyip nutriding around, I felt I had to say it.

6/03/2004 5:08am,
Bunyip... dabbling in the Dark Side?

6/03/2004 5:59am,
You HAVE to go back!

Go see Mr Z and tell him its Westwind or this one other school you found. Tell him the instructor of the other school said that Westwind were all pussies and that your time would be wasted there.

Wait and see what Mr X says (we are the best yadda yadda), then follow up with
"Well, I'd love to see you prove it! If you are the best I'm happy to train with you but for that sort of money i need to know I am getting the d34dly!"

Wait and see what he says again, then when he has bragged his ass off come back with
"Well teh other instuctor is waiting in the car, and he is happy to accept you challenge right now, under any rules you want, as long as its full contact, because you are the d34dly!"

Throw someone nasty at them and watch them back down... Or get the **** kicked out of them. All the better if their dumbass finanancially retarded students see their invincible teacher getting his ass handed to him.

BTW, you mentioned that Mr X had been training since he was 6, and that he had beent raining 13 years - so hes 19? He sounds like a lot of teenagers who haven't had real
experience. Maybe there is hope for him, and you could convince him to come and train with you (you to MT right?) to see the difference.

This thread rocks.

6/03/2004 8:05am,
So, you wanna learn Bok-Fu?

Headed by Mr. Aimal Kohgadai, all lesson programs are discussed, finalized, & recorded here in Emeryville.


6/03/2004 8:08am,
With a contemporary look & flair of the orient, the C.O.R.E. also holds an indoor Japanese Zen garden which is used for meditation.


6/03/2004 8:10am,
Belt Advancements and Black Belt Certification are reviewed & awarded at the C.O.R.E.


6/03/2004 8:22am,
Way to go, Bunyip.

WingChun Lawyer
6/03/2004 8:34am,
450 dollars a month? I pay half of that for an entire year of both wing chun AND muay thai!

Great job.

6/03/2004 9:12am,
Hey, they mite charge a bit more than I'm used to ($50.00/month for four or more workouts/week, Kosho Ryu), and they mite not teach anyone how to fight, but **** their uniforms are cool!


And this guy really looks good (keep Omega away from him!)

I wonder if he was a time share condo salesman in a previous life?

6/03/2004 9:15am,
And they wear those nifty watches and rings when in uniform, too!

6/03/2004 9:17am,
omg, that dude on the far right is trying to seduce me with his eyes

6/03/2004 9:29am,
Nice work bunyip man. **** that school is horrible. Have you guys looked at the videos on the site? They are LAUGHABLE....I almost died laughing at them.

But great thread as well as all others have said. I really enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work, you could infiltrate ashida kim next at his secret ninja palace!

6/03/2004 9:48am,
I sense a new fashion trend that's going to sweep the martial arts industry.


6/03/2004 10:25am,
They have to charge 450/month to pay for those damn Rolexes on the wrists.

6/03/2004 11:18am,
In relation to 'The Kumite' thread (re: casting for new Van Damme flick)...that guy would make an excellent baddie! Of course, he'd have to get rid of all those badges: he looks like an overgrown boy scout.