View Full Version : I've started training at a McDojo!

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6/02/2004 7:32pm,
"he reminded me that he'd trained at West Wind since he was 6, so he knew what else was in the area."

Ummm... First of all, I doubt that. Second, if he had been training at the SAME school for that long, how could he know what the other schools were like???

6/02/2004 7:35pm,
"Or you can go back and tease them, saying you have narrowed it down to them and [insert best school in town here], and see what kind of BS they tell you about that school. Then, of course, take the audiotape to that school!"

LOL! Yeah, that would be sweet.

Somehow, I don't think this is over, ,though. $5 says they give Bunyip a follow-up phone call. Bunyip, you should tape the phone call. (Of course, I'm not sure of the legal ramifications of that... but it'd be funny.)

6/02/2004 7:53pm,
OMG, $450? Per?

One month there will buy 108 weeks of Judo at Becerra's....

6/02/2004 8:14pm,
"Judo is no match for us. It doesn't work on the street. We are t3h true martial art. Judo is not t3h d34dly."

6/02/2004 8:18pm,
maybe it's time to take up a collection from all the members to get Bunyip a month over there :)

6/02/2004 8:20pm,
Hey, good, very very good. But didn't their scholarship offer 400 for four months? If this is the case that is their bottom line.

6/02/2004 8:20pm,

6/02/2004 8:49pm,
I feel sorry for the people that go there. Imagine how much they're paying every month. This is why I'm glad there's such a thing as Bullshido, to expose this kind of stuff.

Great job, bunyip. That was an awesome report. Now someone's got to retype that stuff and submit it to the "Articles" section.

6/02/2004 9:01pm,
Fools and thier money...

6/02/2004 9:28pm,
Outstanding report. I'm just sorry that its over. I agree, we should all chip in to buy a month of lessons.

6/02/2004 10:22pm,
I nominate Bunyip for a neat little flashy thing under his Name...

6/02/2004 11:14pm,
I really can't believe this. I'm still waiting for bunyip to say that West Wind is completely made up and this whole thing has been a giant troll job.

No place can be this bad. No really. This school combines the ultimate of bullshido and Mcdojo. I just can't bring myself to believe that something that evil really exists out there.

6/02/2004 11:21pm,
450 bucks? i pay less than that for an entire year.

6/02/2004 11:24pm,
"He told me I'd find the other schools were smaller, dirtier, and the instructors didn't care as much about the students. (Though it's my opinion that $400 bucks a month would pretty much take care of any of those problems.)"

Gold, I tells ya, pure gold.

6/02/2004 11:25pm,

6/02/2004 11:27pm,
"We will arrange a meeting at our C.O.R.E to discuss your personal schedule on the days and times that are most convenient for you, and recommend an affordable training program based upon your interest and budget."

It's real, lads.