View Full Version : I've started training at a McDojo!

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Sam Browning
6/02/2004 4:54pm,
That's possibly the best reporting I've ever seen on Bullshido.

6/02/2004 4:56pm,
Whoh... freaking heck, 450? are you serious? I do my normal class, as well as half hour classes of extra workout for a little 0ver 100. I could start up Krav Maga at my school and still be under 450. I could start up Krav Maga, and then hop over to anot school and still be under 450 dollars. That is rediculous.

You should have "sparred" them

6/02/2004 5:00pm,
That's like 10 months of Judo back at the YMCA!

Great story man.

6/02/2004 5:06pm,
Brilliant. THE perfect example of how a school investigation should be done.

6/02/2004 5:40pm,
Hehehe, this last entry has to be the best so far :p. Excellent conclusion.

6/02/2004 5:45pm,
One of the best threads I've read in a long while. Kudos.

6/02/2004 6:12pm,
Best line ever: My REAL school was about to start.

6/02/2004 6:42pm,
Absolute brilliance! That **** is da bomb! Thanks for a great read!

I like the idea of a followup visit to see what they do when plan A fails. I can think of some great things to tell them, like, "I love what you teach here, but I found a great BJJ school too. Would you mind if I trained at both places?"

Or you can go back and tease them, saying you have narrowed it down to them and [insert best school in town here], and see what kind of BS they tell you about that school. Then, of course, take the audiotape to that school!

6/02/2004 6:51pm,
great stuff bunyip

6/02/2004 6:59pm,
I would try my hardest to fail their white belt test. That would be great. And refer to the chief instructor as "dude" while driving in the car.

6/02/2004 7:00pm,
great job, by the way.

GAB corp.
6/02/2004 7:18pm,
Nice job, especially with the politeness :D

6/02/2004 7:22pm,
For a moment, I kind of felt sorry for them. Imagining them, after it's all over, talking in some hole in the wall bar, Mr. X half drunk, unable to deal with this blow to his self esteem.

And then I reread how much they wanted to charge you for this instruction, and my heart is warmed.

Good luck on your finals, man. We all appreciate the time, effort, and dedication you put in to this.

Funny and depressing, all at once.
Mostly funny.
I can only imagine what they charge "wealthier" looking people. I mean....you're an average college student and they want to charge you THAT much. I wonder if they ran any background checks on you :eek:

We need to get someone else to try this while pretending to be loaded with money.:cool:

This feat is definitely deserving of special icons, photoshop jobs, and a listing in Bunyip's "styles" section on his profile.

Sam Browning
6/02/2004 7:23pm,
Personally I wouldn't suggest going there anymore Bun-Yip, lets see if they call you on their own to do some high pressure sales tactics. Any way we can get you up to Seattle to be solicited by Temple KungFu?

6/02/2004 7:27pm,
Hm. Actually I've got quite a few friends and family in Seattle. I'll look into it if I've ever in the area...

6/02/2004 7:32pm,
Originally posted by FledglingTengu
I can only imagine what they charge "wealthier" looking people. I mean....you're an average college student and they want to charge you THAT much. I wonder if they ran any background checks on you :eek:
That is exactly what I was thinking. I would almost guarantee you that if you checked the credit bureaus, you would find they scoped you out. If so, that would be great **** to tell the consumer reporters at the local TV station!

I honestly can't see them just giving up this easily after investing a week in snagging you. They are much too well organized to not have a plan B. There will be followup calls.