View Full Version : Remember and Respect the Brave Emergency Response People

9/08/2017 1:54pm,
The next time mask wearing "protesters" start throwing urine and other projectiles or worse at our first responders in uniform,
be they the brave men and women in law enforcement uniforms or the uniform of the US military,
Remember who drove towards the storm to provide aid to their fellow Americans of all colors, all religious outlooks, and all levels or lack of possession.
Respect...and Remember!!!

https://www.facebook.com/MySuncoast.com.ABC7/videos/1680137358683225/?hc_ref=ARS316usSfktanwcfQs4OgFO9EXHD49dvnqkofRA7d lE_E4w8mLWUzJDofF9ZTybEzc

9/11/2017 6:07am,
Hope you are all OK in FL, got friends north of Tampa who hopefully have ridden Irma out, fingers crossed everyone is OK