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Donnie M.
9/04/2017 5:59pm,
Ok Please bare with me here WARNING this is a fairly long winded post but in my eyes necessary!!!!

Looking for verification on a couple of Kung fu Sifu's in my area. First Mr Lou Illar is he authentic, and is he authorized to teach White crane Kung Fu he owns White Crane Kung Fu Studio in Baton Rouge, La.
Here is what is on his site:

Program Director - Our Sifu

Chief Instructor Sifu Lou Illar has over 40 years experience in Kung Fu studies. As a professor of Communication Arts and History, Lou Illar authored the only text on the history of Chinese in Louisiana, and assisted in a published translation of Lao Tsu's Parting ot the Way by Dr. Paul Lin. In the 1980's Lou Illar was installed as Liaison for the Chinese Traditional Arts of the Republic of China and was twice placed into Inside Kung Fu Magazine's "Hall of Fame" in 1983 and again in 1987 (see photo below). Inside Kung Fu Magazine has been one of the largest martial arts publications in the world. Over six million readers in hundreds of countries received the monthly publication and the magazine has served as an international vehicle for the promotion and preservation of traditional Kung Fu. At the time of his first induction to IKF's Hall of Fame, Lou Illar suggested that he be listed in a newly created category entitled "The Humanitarian of the Year". IKF cooperated with this suggestion and ever since that request was made, Inside Kung Fu Magazine has honored annually a Kung Fu teacher as "The Humanitarian of the Year". In doing so IKF cooperated with an image that forever altered the purpose of Kung Fu instruction in America. Thousands of kids around the world now understand Kung Fu to offer an open hand to individuals with disabilities. Having raised thousands of dollars through Kung Fu entertainment for the benefit of disabled children, in 1990 Lou Illar was asked to lobby for the American Disability Act and ardently he visited with Congressman and Senators on Capital Hill. His work with Individuals with disabilities as they studied Kung Fu led to his most renowned work, the movie Sidekicks, which he wrote in 1993.

"One of the best underdog fairy tales to emerge in years Johnathan Brandis stars as an asthmatic high school kid who day dreams himself into elaborate, Walter Mitty-esque fantasies at the side of long time hero Chuck Norris who plays himself and who superbly spoofs many of his martial action hits. The supporting cast is excellent with two past Oscar winners."(Video and DVD Guide 2003 by Mick Martin and Marsha Porter by Balantine Books)
Lou Illar has a long track record of being an entertaining martial artist; he has always managed not only to perform Kung Fu but also to preserve it within its traditional moral perspective. In this web site you may read a number of published interviews he managed with some of Kung Fu's greatest talents, as well as other interviews done by other relevant writers that are equally as important. Lou Illar has demonstrated his Kung Fu skills on national television and in Taiwan over the largest television network in the world. He has been internationally recognized for his traditional approach to the art and practice of Kung Fu by some of the premier organizations in martial arts. Through all of this, he has managed not only to develop internationally recognized champions, but also to teach famous entertainers, actors and professionals of all types, in order to serve throughout the United States his Kung Fu children with disabilities, the elderly, and an understanding of Chinese Culture.

In 2004 Lou Illar was honored with an invitation from the US Department of Health and Human Services to serve on their committee and to assist in the development of a National Initiative on Physical Fitness for Children and Youth with Disabilities. The program developed was called "If I can do it, You Can Do It" which offered older children and professional athletes an opportunity to work with individuals with disabilities. More recently the concept has been picked up by the National Football League in their effort to offer all kids 60 minutes of exercises in school.

In addition to his doctoral studies in Communication Studies at Ohio University, Mr. Illar possesses an M.A. Degree in Rhetorical Studies from West Virginia University, and M.A. Degree in Labor History from Southeastern Louisiana University. In addition to writing numerous articles for magazines, newpapers and movies, Lou researched and wrote the only history of the immigration of Chinese into Louisiana which may be found in every State Library in Louisiana, The Americanization of Chinese New Year, an intellectual study of the history of Chinese New Year in Louisiana. After teaching Communications at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and completing his latest book, Believe Me or Your Lying Eyes, which in a small way discusses the future of global Martial Arts, Lou Illar has left academia to continue his writing and maintain his Kung Fu studio and the exceptional individuals that choose to study there. This White Crane Studio has now raised over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for individuals with disabilities since he founded it in 1978.
"2012 The Tale of the Dragon "

Name: Lou Illar
Gender: Male
Address: 2142 O’Neal Lane, POB 347, Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Style: Koushu Arts – Traditional Gung Fu

Instructors: Paul Lin Ph.D., Kin Gee, Ngai Yoh Tong, Maung Gyi, PhD. Liu Yin Su, Gwa Gwe Hua, Chiang Ken, highest ranking.

Brief Biography: Started studying Chinese Martial Art at the age of 16. Today, formally studied Chinese Martial Arts for 50 years and has never tired of it (See whitecranestudio.com for highlights.) Graduating from CSC in 3 years with a BS in Communication and a minor in History, he accepted a position at a juvenile detention center for violent juveniles. After receiving a number of promotions, he eventually was placed on the parole board. After one year of service he accepted a teaching fellowship at WVU as he worked for a Masters of Art in Political systems and later doctorial work at Ohio University.

1. Numerous published writings including one 1981 ground breaking article on the functional use of meditation and mindfulness to alleviate fear.

2. His innovations in developing an understanding of fear developed from 1966 to 72 trained for participation in public and private full contact fights. Acquired and procured vast experiences in fear management by engaging in bouts with other Kung Fu stylists, wrestlers, boxers, Thai Kick Boxers, as well as Koda Kan martial art black belts. He also fought in competition in Ohio, Indianapolis, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Louisiana, and West Virginia.

3. In Baton Rouge during 1973 he began teaching kung fu classes but unlike other martial arts schools at that time his extended his kung fu instruction to disabled individuals.

4. In 1975 he created his first tournament to benefit and better enable the disabled senior citzens as well as provide other young adults with disabilities the opportunity to compete in Kung Fu self-defense competition. This same tournament required that all fighting competitors fight with a created disability. This was the first event in Louisiana to display full contact fighting. This event offered the first public exhibition of full contact continuous fighting. It raised enough spectator funds to provide the Council on Aging with a complete medical closet for senior citizens. Annually his tournaments became not only popular for competitors but when in 1976 was selected by the chairperson of the YWCA, Roberta Madden to head up a women’s self- defense program. In that year, he sponsored another tournament to cover the expenses of young girls to participate in the YWCA summer camp. This event caught national attention when Master Illar appeared on ABC’s Sunday Night News Hour with Edwin Nauman and even the Delta Airlines Flight Magazine, mentioned the value of Illar’s tournaments for disabled Baton Rouge kids.

5. In 1980 Master Illar toured Taiwan interviewing the most revered masters of Koushu and began to publish articles that featured their ethical insights to the art of Koushu. He also served as a judge in the fighting competition for the Asian Koushu championship.

6. In 1981 he was placed on Baton Rouge’s Safety Council as a rape consultant. In 1981 he entered the Masters Division in the USKA International Karate Championship and was awarded the first place prize of two specially designed Samurai Swords. In 1981 he also began to teach at the Kung Fu camps run by Master James Cravens in Tennessee, Master John Tsai, John Ng, and Master Jimmy Yang. Sifu Illar specialized in competitive combat techniques and of course Lion Dancing which brought him an invitation to offer another seminar in Ohio by Steven Berkowitz followed in New York by Master Red Sarber.

7. In 1984 Sifu Illar was selected to represent Taiwan at the World’s Fair in New Orleans. Since then Sifu Illar’s Lion Dances have graced the Marque of many Kung Fu Demonstrations in Texas, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, New York, movie screens all over the world. Because his white crane students have been consistently become internationally competitive, he too has been honored by being selected as a martial art coach for two different international teams.

8. In 1982 he appointed his student Ron Schulingkamp to sit on the Louisiana Spina Bifida Board. Since then their fund raising efforts has produced over 100 thousand dollars for the Spina Bifida Association.
9. In 1984 his International Kung Fu Championship which featured Masters from Taiwan raised over 12 thousand dollars for kids adapting to Spina Bifida.

10. In 1986 Master Illar made another trip to Taiwan. This time he was interviewed by a publication of Taipei TV Guide and appeared on international television.

11. In 2006 Sifu Illar traveled to Budapest to meet with the venerable monk Master Shi Xing Hong to discuss the effect of technology on the global needs of Chinese Martial Arts. They agreed that the only method to preserve this art is by teaching others that the true purpose of Chinese Martial Art instruction true purpose is to lead men to respect one another instead of demeaning one another.

12. In 2007 Sifu Illar was selected to the United States Karate Association’s Hall of Heroes. Of course in 1991 his education paid off. He created the original script for the Movie Sidekick as well as providing a workable cast list and marketing plan. He directed most of the stunt work, and soon may have another original Kung Fu movie in the works. As the editor to Inside Kung Fu put it Master Lou Illar began his study of Kung Fu for all the wrong reasons. Now he has left a legacy of compassion to challenge Martial Artists everywhere.

Hobbies: All that I do is undertaken for my personal growth and the good of others.

Spiritual Belief: I am a practicing Christian disciplined by the golden rule of Christianity and Chinese Moist philosophy: do unto others as you would have them do to you.

Martial Art Changes: I believe that all martial art teachers who providing schooling for children should be schooled in child care, and fulfill all state requirements for not only teachers but those studios engaging in such school should meet the same state standards as day care centers. I further believe that those who teach adults should have the same screening by the same state educational institutions.

Memorable Moments: The promise of tomorrow is too perfect to confuse with the chaos of the past. There is but one straight road and that is the one before me. I look forward to the accomplishments of my students, greater involvement in the care of disabled children, more martial art writings, another book publication and the development of Sidekicks II.

The Second is Master Yajun “Thomas” Zhuang According to his web site Zhuang Tai chi & Kung Fu Academy, He has been teaching, competing in, and researching Chinese martial arts (Wushu) for more than 30 years. His career began at age eight when he was selected from thousands of children to attend the Jiangsu Wushu Institute. At 17, he continued his study of Wushu culture and philosophy at Nanjing University and eventually joined its faculty.

Master Zhuang went on to become a member of the Chinese National Physical Education Committee; a board member of the Wushu Professional Committee, practice as an international Taichi and Kungfu coach, serve as a senior National Judge of the Chinese Wushu Federation, and was appointed the chief judge for international and national Wushu tournaments. He has published over twenty papers and five books in both Chinese and English. Due to his outstanding contributions to the field of Wushu, he was elected for inclusion in the 1990 Who's Who: Chinese Wushu and in the "Celebrity" section of "china Wushu Encyclopedia", and was named as an honorary consultant for the Chinese Wushu Hall of Fame.

He worked on the effects of Taichi exercise on patients with Peripheral Neuropathy and Parkinson's disease. His modified Zhaung's Taichi and Qigong therapy has demonstrated great potential for treating the diseases. This promising and successful program has had a huge influence on the community and has been widely reported through television, newspaper, and magazine reports.

Master Zhuang has been instructing students in Louisiana since he moved from China, and in 2012, he opened his current martial arts studio. Since then, Master Zhuang has coached dozens of his students at competitions in Houston and Orlando where they have won multiple medals in every event that they have competed in, including various styles of Taichi, Kung Fu, Bagua and Xing-Yi.
Now wit all of that said I was looking for Wing Chun or something similar and I just look at Mr. Zhuang's site and they have added Wing Chun as an all new part of there curriculum (Red Flag?) Not to mention no lineage provided.

With all the fakes being exposed lately, I want to know that my money is going to authentic training. It just seems to me that the more direct and honest the better you are.
A confused wanna be practitioner

9/04/2017 6:08pm,
Link to the site and screen shots help nail down future wiggling. Lets get that info here as a link (to the website) for easy reference.

9/04/2017 6:10pm,
Well here is the site anyway. I got bored and found it.


You may want to use the quote feature or quotation marks and paragraph breaks to break your words from his claims. You also missed some important information on his claims which is found before the "2012 Tale of the Dragon" title or whatever.

Donnie M.
9/04/2017 6:12pm,
thanks yes i'm a newbe so it would not let me post any links sorry

9/04/2017 6:13pm,
thanks yes i'm a newly so it would not let me post any links sorry

So how did you run across this fellow?

Donnie M.
9/04/2017 6:22pm,
I'm 57 years old and was force into retirement due to diabetes and sever diabetic peripheral neuropathy. I refuse to sit here on my loins and let this kill me. So I was told by a buddy of mine he had heard that Tai Chi and Qigong had been found to help people like me, So I figured if I'm gone live I might as well learn to defend myself as well. So started looking up people in my area and going to their respected studios/Academy's. I started hearing some things good and bad about them both so I decided to start my own research. I decided to post it here and maybe it would clear up some of my confusion. Such as Mr. Zhuang's and Illars linage as well as Mr Illars style not clear weather it's Tibetan or Chinese or, just a Mish mash of all. there isno foundation of certification through a given federation such as he Hong Kong White Crane Athletic Association Then of course there was that flag that flew up when i saw on Mr Zhuang's site which is Zhuang's Tai Chi & Kung Fu Academy which said they are adding a new style to their Kung Fu Curriculum which was Wing Chun. So now i'm here

Donnie M.
9/04/2017 7:16pm,
Heres my point, with as many accolades and accomplishments these two gentleman have had in the martial art world, why is it that nobody has ever heard of either of them except here locally? just saying!