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8/29/2017 3:08pm,
Ok so as I put in my title, Ive done some Kali-Arnis-Silat for a while in Manchester (Im based in Blackpool) and my coach has now left the UK to go on to pastures new abroad. Im looking at a Filipino martial arts club significantly closer to home I somehow complete missed until now. It's run by a student of Krishna Godhania who from what I can tell has a decent reputation.

the school lists its curriculum as:

SOLO BASTON (Single stick)
DOBLE BASTON (Double stick)
SIBAT (Staff)
ESPADA (Sword)
ESPADA Y DAGA (Sword & dagger)
OLISI BARAW (Stick & knife)
BARAW (Knife defence)
DULO DULO (Palm stick)
PANANTUKAN (Filipino boxing)
DUMOG (Grappling)

I assume the latter is thrown as opposed to firearms.

Anyway, its very close to home, theyre five pounds and an easy drive for me to get to, but I wondered what the verdict on Krishna Godhania is so I can have a good idea of what Im looking at.

8/30/2017 3:45pm,
I haven't heard anything bad about him. If that is the type of training you are looking into, I would try it out and see how you like it. Have you looked into any of the Dog Brother's located in England? I honestly no nothing about locations in England but I know there are some training groups you may want to look into.



Bristol | “Dog” Chris Hawker | Email
Merseyside | Stephen Ormerod | Email
London and South East UK | “Dog” Matt Tucker | 07713 086 557 | Email

But if you are looking more towards what Krishna Godhania is teaching then it can't hurt to try.