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8/29/2017 10:52am,
I'm trying to find out Gilbert olivas lineage. He operates a school in phoenix Arizona called black flag jiu jitsu. I've read some bios on him but have some contradicting info. One states he received received his black belt from Israel Juarez and Marcelo Carvalho. On the second link it says black belt from Joe Moreira. If some can just let me know if this guy is legit that would be helpful thank you.

8/29/2017 6:09pm,
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8/29/2017 6:21pm,
Well, here is the guy doing some BJJ...


8/29/2017 6:32pm,

I'm no expert, but he appears to be legit. There are plenty of BJJ schools in Phoenix and surrounds, plus, go and take some classes and see what you think.

10/16/2017 11:18am,
Gilbert is a skilled grappler. Whether he is a legit BJJ black belt or not depends on who you ask. I used to train there and left due to some attitude issues with other people who trained there. Gilbert does teach some good stuff, I don't know how much of it he does with a gi on, he did very little gi work back when I was around. The part where his legitimacy is questioned is that he began training under a non BJJ black belt and in a time span of about 4 years went from blue to black. Possible? Yes. But I am not an expert on these things. The person who laughed at the idea of him being a legitimate BJJ black belt is a mma fighter and legit grappler who knows him and said that both Gilbert and Israel were not legitimate and due to the shadiness of Joe Moriera awarding ranks if you can pay enough. I guess there is some history behind Moreira doing that kind of thing. So whether or not that is legitimate or not is up to you. I can attest to the fact he is a skilled grappler and runs a decent enough class. My leaving there had more to do with the prevailing attitude since I trained for fun and not to compete since I don't have any desire to do that type of thing. Some people didn't like that and resented that I was just there for fun and didn't care about competition. Gilbert also made some comments about competition that didn't jive with me and I found out alienated another guy who left before me too. So if you're looking for a middle of the pack BJJ/grappling place this is pretty good for the average guy who wants to do something to stay in shape and roll with some ok guys. But if you want something more advanced there's places that are far and away better. Just me .02