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8/25/2017 7:40pm,
The Brawl for All entry alone is worth the price of admission. (http://www.cracked.com/blog/full-contact-arm-wrestling-5-real-dumb-sports-mashups/)

8/25/2017 7:55pm,
So most of boxing is about ducking, and no one is better at ducking enemies and punches than Floyd Mayweather. He's the greatest defensive boxer of all time and he's going up against a counter fighter competing in the wrong sport. He and Conor are going to circle and hug in a frustrating demonstration of why man invented kicks and machetes. Both MMA and boxing will end up looking bad, and everyone who buys the pay-per-view will have exactly $99.95 less love in their heart. Then again, Plurge Gobo has proven magic is real if we only reach for it, so maybe the fight will be great and everyone will be happy?

Not even into the article and I'm laughing. Thank **** he's back. Cracked has been lacking in many ways since they began making Salon/Buzzfeed/HuffPo-esque articles to appeal to the demographic that subscribes to the Oppression Olympics.

8/25/2017 8:12pm,

confession time: seanbaby's artcle first got me on cracked. and still, only his articles i read on cracked. i consider tv tropes more clickbait than cracked anyway.

8/25/2017 8:35pm,
Yeah, Cracked used to be a huge time sink, an infinite well of odd trivia presented with a uniquely clever and vulgar voice. It's been 80% leftist whining for about two solid years. For a while, I read fewer articles than I would have posted on at the peak of my interest.


8/26/2017 9:55am,
Calcio storico has a rich and ridiculous history. It was created around 200 A.D. by extreme athletes too ancient to invent motorcycle jumping and too angry to surf.

Calcio storico is not a reconstruction of ancient roman football, but a reconstruction of renaissance football in Florence (hence the funny throusers).
In fact their site boasts "500 years of history".

(in italian).


Tranquil Suit
8/26/2017 10:15am,
LOOOOL. The "Plurge Gobo" bit had me in stitches.

8/26/2017 12:33pm,
Nobody describes a monstrous beating with the comedic panache of Seanbaby.