View Full Version : UK guys, has anyone tried the UK Shaolin Temple?

8/22/2017 10:11am,
Some of my more martial arty inclined friends and I are tempted to take 2-3 days to go train something as a getaway weekend later this year, away from our normal styles. None of us are looking at other countries for this to make travel simpler, but we did look at the UK Shaolin Temple, and it advertises a lot of things, but whats mainly got us interested are the Sanda and Shuai Jiao they teach, which could be pretty beastly since we all train Judo and some form of striking (we're a mix of karate, muay thai and K-1 in this group) so we figured it could be a good intensive.

Wanted to see if anyone had been there and experienced how they train? From what I understand they can do intensive training for groups, and since they have two competitive styles, it might be a good idea

Cake of Doom
8/23/2017 10:54am,
I've been past the one in Tufnell Park loads but have never ventured inside cuz Fu. Their fees don't look that extravagant tho, so that's a plus.

Chris Tulloch
8/27/2017 5:07pm,
Many moons ago I trained at the Tufnell park one. With two friends from university. I never went very far there it was a few years more before I got more seriously into training in kung-fu. I left and took up kickboxing again as it was very expensive for me at the time being a student. But those two guys went on to become British Sanda champions in their weight classes and held those titles for 5-6 years consecutively i believe. It was a good place to train. The Shuai Jiao is not traditional jacket wrestling based but more for Sanda and so you don't wear a Jiao Yi. So it's not as developed but if you do judo already i don't see that as a problem. When i was their 2002-3 you had to go to a set number of foundation classes to show you could punch and kick and had a solid foundation reasonable level of physical fittness etc. But once you had done that it was good. The training was intense in a good way but no nonsense teaching was also very good.