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8/16/2017 4:57am,
Something very rare in boxing is about to happen... A undefeated undisputed world champion will be crowned on Saturday when Terence Crawford battles Julius Indongo in a light welterweight/super lightweight hell lets just call 140lbs contest. Crawford holds the WBO and WBC belts as well as being recognized by as the lineal and Ring Mag champion. Indongo holds the IBF and WBA belts. Now of course this being boxing it will not take all of five seconds for one of the alphabet soup bodies to run in declare "You must face this do this by this date or get stripped" still though its cool as fan to see it happen ever so briefly.

Crawford has been touted as one of the P4P best since winning his first world title at lightweight a few years ago. Back in July of 2016 he easily beat Viktor Postol in what was supposed be a battle of the top two fighters in the division (and I believe most still rank Postol at number 2) how ever Indongo has so far shown to be one those fighters that rises to the occasion The fight takes place in Crawford's home state of Nebraska but Indongo has won back to back world title fights on the road against a home town hero.

This fight will be on ESPN which sadly means we will have put up with Stephen A Smith or Teddy Atlas but still its a great fight

8/22/2017 8:19pm,
Damn Crawford the man with 5 belts now great fight.

8/23/2017 5:02am,
So yeah shock of all shock one of the Bodies is already demanding he face a mandatory. It's the IBF by the way. Man they didn't even give the guy enough time to figure out where he's going to put his new belts

Eddie Hardon
1/13/2018 6:15pm,
Crawford for me. Very skilful boxer and, very usually, is a skilled in Southpaw stance as he is in Orthodox. Great boxer. I always try to look out for his fights.