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8/15/2017 7:56pm,
This is a fantastic Muay Thai gym located in Zagreb, Croatia. The lead instructor is Danijel Balog who has 15 years of teaching experience in Muay Thai and who has successfully coached many Croatian fighters, though he mostly trained fighters in his previous gym as this gym is geared less towards training for competition and more as a recreational gym.

THE GYM IS LOCATED AT: Zagorska 43, 10000, Zagreb

Training times are as follows:

Training is available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The first session is between 18:00 - 19:30 and the second session is between 19:30 - 21:00.
Strength training is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 18.00 - 19.00.

Danijel may be contacted at (+385) 0989068863

The other instructor is Tomislav Bakran who has many years of Muay Thai experience as well and is a fantastic technique oriented coach.

He may be contacted at (+385) 0914550001

Just because this school is geared towards more recreational Muay Thai instruction does not in any way diminish the effectiveness of the training. Danijel is truly a world class instructor, and I would rate this Muay Thai gym among the best that I have trained at. Although it's focus is not competition, Danijel has expressed that he is willing to give extra instruction to students who are interested in competing (outside of normal class times and IN ADDITION to normal training).

Predator Muay Thai is relatively inexpensive costing:
30 kuna (4.76 USD) per session for Muay Thai instruction
10 kuna (1.59 USD) per session for Strength Training
300 kuna (47.64 USD) for a month of lessons (up to 1 session daily - only Muay Thai instruction - Strength Training sessions available separately)
600 kuna (95.28 USD) per month for unlimited Muay Thai lessons (up to 2 sessions a day - Strength Training sessions available separately)

Everyone at the Gym speaks English and offers instruction both in Croatian and English - I don't speak any Croatian so this was very helpful. I did not experience a language barrier at all when I trained there as an American.


I will address the scoring criteria one by one in detail based on my last 3 months training here:

1: No sparring 2-3: Compliant drills 4-5: Point sparring 6-7: Medium contact with excessive safety gear. 8-9: Hard contact 10: Full-contact, balls-out

Predator Muay Thai gets a 10 in this category as it offers all levels of contact up to and including full sparring.

1: What equipment? 2-4: Bring your own 5: Basic, may be heavily used 6-7: Respectable equipment 8-9: Excellent, new 10: Superior equipment

Predator Muay Thai gets a 10 in this category as it's very well equipped with many bags which can be attached or removed based on ceiling mounts, a speed bag, a good selection of gloves, a good selection of pads, shin guards, and even a ring and both a male and female changing area. This gym has literally everything you need to get top level training.

Gym Size:
1: Your bedroom 2: Garage 3: Basement 4: Big Basement 5: City Park 6: Commercial space <200 sqft 7: <500 sqft 8: <1000 sqft 9: <5000 sqft 10: >5000 sqft

Predator Muay Thai gets an 8 here because I believe it is just above 500-600 square feet. I'll see if I can get the exact size, but it was definitely large enough to have no issues training or moving around.

1-5: Douchebags 6-7: Impersonal 8-10: Open and Supportive

Predator Muay Thai gets an unreserved 10 in this category. Everyone was nice, supportive, and constructive as well as very willing to help out everyone in the gym with anything. Danijel is one of the most personable people you will ever meet and he has a real talent for sharing knowledge as well as a noticable passion for Muay Thai. This gym is world class in this regard, and I could not recommend it more highly.

Striking Instruction:
1-3: No striking 4-5: Demonstration or Forms 6-7: Full-range striking with competition 8-9: Top competition tested 10: World-class

Predator Muay Thai gets a definite 10 in this category. Danijel has a fantastic striking game and he is fantastic as both a practitioner and as an instructor for Muay Thai. The striking instruction is definitely world-class.

Grappling Instruction:
1-3: No grappling 4-5: Limited range 6-7: Full-range 8-9: +Competition Victories 10: World Class

Predator Muay Thai gets a 5 in this category as the only grappling practiced is the clinch, various Muay Thai throws, and basic control methods - this is NOT a grappling gym and this gym gives everything that a pure Muay Thai gym could be expected to provide in terms of grappling instruction.

Weapons Instruction:
1: No contact, demonstration only. 2-3: Compliant drills 4-5: Light sparring 6-7: Medium contact 8-9: Hard contact, high risk 10: Dog Brothers

As a pure Muay Thai facility, Predator Muay Thai does not offer weapons instruction to the best of my knowledge.


I looked at every Gym in Zagreb before choosing to go to Predator Muay Thai, and I'm genuinely glad that I did. Training at this gym has made me legitimately wish that I could stay in Croatia for more than 3 months solely for the purpose of continuing my instruction here. If you are debating whether or not to go to this facility just keep the following in mind: I have every intention of actually travelling back to Croatia in the next few months SOLELY for the purpose of coming back to train at this gym.

Thanks for your time.



8/16/2017 4:48am,
EDIT: I got confirmation that the gym is 150 square meters, which unless I'm completely mistaken would make it 1614.59 square feet - this would make Predator Muay Thai a "9" on gym size according to the provided rubrik. If a moderator can adjust my post above to include this information it would be appreciated as I can't seem to edit it myself for whatever reason.

Gym Size:
1: Your bedroom 2: Garage 3: Basement 4: Big Basement 5: City Park 6: Commercial space <200 sqft 7: <500 sqft 8: <1000 sqft 9: <5000 sqft 10: >5000 sqft