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8/11/2017 7:15am,
Firstly I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this question I just signed up and honestly didn't know where else to post it, but I just need some opinions on this...

It's a very long story but I will shorten it as much as I can. 6 and a half years ago I was standing with my friends talking to a large group of people thinking things were all good and suddenly one of them headbutts me extremely hard right on the nose, tackles me, 2 of them start stomping me and i get up. They both start beating me on the feet so I threw a few punches before trying to desperately escape, but they tackled me again and horrifically stomped me into the ground again.

All of this was for pretty much no reason too. I have been "jumped" before or atleast out numbered a few times in fights when I was really young and obviously I let them go. But this particular one really mentally damaged me, for years I would think about it daily and it would have me scared in certain situations with people or even by myself I would just get depressed over the whole ordeal. I tried my best to forget about it but it was burned right into my memory. After 3 years it wasn't a daily thought anymore but anytime it slipped into my mind it would leave me depressed for weeks or even months.
Anyways I originally wanted to leave the situation alone because of the trauma, I never wanted to encounter these guys again and it was kinda easy that way cause I would see them like once a year from a distance, also my group is a very small group of decent people while they run in groups of 10s-20s who go out beating people for fun, that's just their world. So I decided in my head just to let it go, even if I have to put up with the mental abuse.

I started working in a shop last year and one of them would come in pretty often and it kept triggering something inside me, I hated it. I hated how I had to walk past this guy and serve him at the cash register and act like everything was normal even though he mentally scarred me. This was around last summer (2016) and I thought **** it, I can't let him put me through that mental abuse and just act like it never happened so I decided if I was to ever see him on his own I'm going to let him have it. Although seeing as I only ever seen him while I was working I never got a good chance but still had to see this guy over and over again.

Fast forward a year (a few days ago) I seen him and asked if he remembered me, he told me yes and I said good cause we're both by ourselfs and I want to have a fair fight, he started acting up really quickly and got close in my face and I punched him. We then exchanged another punch or two. I felt good after the fight honestly but now that I think about it is it really justified after 6 and a half years? I like to think he got what he deserve despite the time gap but theirs something in my head I can't really shake about the whole thing, does time really matter in a situation like this? I've asked several friends and family members and they have told me good job it was a long time coming but I can't stop thinking if i really wanted to get him back I would have done it a lot sooner but as i've mentioned I was left really shook for a long time after the attack.

Anyways I know some people probably won't agree with what I done but him and his friends brutally attacking me has honestly messed my mind up in many ways especially social situations. I'm just wondering if anyone would see it my way, or has a similar story?

Again I apologise for this most likely being in the wrong thread I just didn't know where else to turn - Thank you.

8/11/2017 7:47am,
If the story happened exactly as you told, I think you were right.

8/11/2017 10:07am,
Did you win your fight with him??

Tranquil Suit
8/11/2017 10:50am,
First off, exchanging a few blows or whatever isn't a big deal anyway.

I won't comment on your story (not enough details, and ultimately your own decision). But to answer the main question:

... does time really matter in a situation like this? ...
After all this time and thought, revenge was still in your heart. That's why you did it. Right or wrong? **** it, it was right for you.