View Full Version : Alright, some kung fu questions (two mostly)

8/05/2017 6:41am,
Ok, so I see a lot of stuff about Wing Chun compared to Goju Ryu, due to the common ancestry of White Crane, but I never see it discussed that Southern Mantis apparently has connection to White Crane through Fujian influences.

How similar are Southern Mantis and Goju Ryu? I've done little bits of Southern Mantis and I mainly train Goju Ryu, but considering their routes in southern china, is there much cross over/compatability between the two? Since both work at a similar range I would have thought so. Goju also apparently has a form inspired by a Mantis style: Kururunfa. It doesnt look anything like northern mantis, so I figured the style that influenced it was the Southern version? Video below for reference.


Secondly, and possibly more concise a question to answer. Since I broke my arm last month, I've had a lot of time to watch a lot of kung fu (Ive watched as much as I can find) and of all of them, Adam Hsu's Baji Thunder has gone leagues above my expectations on content, and it's actually gotten me more interested in the style. I was wondering if anyone knew of any schools in the North of the UK that teach it? Im aware theres a school in london but thats way out for me (Im not far from Preston). It seems quite compact and powerful