View Full Version : Lomachenko vs. Marriaga

8/05/2017 1:55am,
So the new Top Rank ESPN boxing series has show two as one of the best in the world Vasyl Lomachenko takes on Miguel Marriaga. By all accounts its another fight Lomachenko should win as he hopes for a big money fight down the line. I think the real intersting story will be what the ratings are. Pac vs. Horn got a huge rating but Manny is still huge star even with his PPV sale slippin.

Hopefully from a production side ESPN leanred a bit and they won't have Stephan A Smith at the desk to hot take. But Tim Bradley is working the commetary again so I hope the undercard has at least one of "Those Japans"

Eddie Hardon
1/13/2018 6:23pm,
I love watching Loma, A Ring Genius. We should enjoy his brilliance while we can cos he ain't getting any younger.