View Full Version : Need to find another "Wushu" school in Brooklyn.

8/04/2017 10:04pm,
Ive trained in Zhang Yuan Martial Arts in Brooklyn 8th Ave. Practiced for about 5 years. Class consists mostly of children and a few adults. Most of the time the kids who go there are just for babysitting but there are a few students who are actually good in Wushu. I have devoted a lot of hardwork and dedication over these 5 years and I find myself probably having to stop and quit now. This school has been open for about 10 years or more. Unfortunately, the building is being demolished and rebuilt so we have to find another place to practice. They have already started moving the place over into another building in 5th ave. I was really really dissapointed about this because when I first entered the new building it was litteraly a small apartment building living room. The original school is in a Chinese neighborhood and the school makes alot of money since there are lots of chinese people willing to go, but now the school is forced to move to a poorer neighborhood with more immigrants who probably wont even go to our school. As of now I so far know that the new training room is "5" times smaller than our old one. There are too many lamps on the ceilings and too many windows. There is no room and its impossible for me to train especially with my weapons. There is also no space to jump as my head would probably hit the ceiling. I am not sure if they rented more rooms or different floors but either way I still probably cant go because 5th ave is more far to my house compared to 8th ave.

I had a big dream in wushu.:( My journey probably has to end here unless I find another Wushu school in brooklyn.