View Full Version : 1975 MVD and KGB arrest, control, and personal combat manual (illustrations only)

7/05/2017 6:04pm,

I found a scan of the 1975 MVD (internal security troops) and KGB (internal security and external espionage) manual on personal combat, arrest, and control techniques. I reduced this version to illustrations only, but you may have to re-format it and save it separately if you want to view it or print it out. I had trouble with the imaging software. (Operator error....)

лриемы налааения и самозащиты is translated as Establishment and Self-defense, this is a reduction of the 1975 MVD and KGB hand-to-hand combat manual. From the images, it appears this is largely related to police functions and internal troops and prisoner handlers (to include jailers) of the late-Soviet period (1970-1990). It includes basic jiu-jitsu style combat and defense against weapons, to include classic police jiu-jitsu (jujutsu) style defense against knifes and bladed weapons. It pre-dates the inclusion of karate-style techniques, which started in the late-1970s.