View Full Version : "Sensei" Nazim Ali and his bullshido Karate and kickboxing academy

6/17/2017 9:41pm,
Dear Friends of Bullshido ,

Please to meet you and excuse my English . Is my second language .

I wish to share you my story with a Karate and kickboxing academy in Stamford Ct , whose owner calls himself "Sensei" Nazim Ali . In my point of view this individual is a fraud and a scammer . He was verbally abusive with his students and his "trainers " were also a bunch of shitbags .
I ended up in this place because I wanted to continue with my my MA training as soon as I arrived in the US in 2003 . I studied TKD back in my country with Grandmaster Xavier Romero , and wanted to continue with TKD in Stamford but the TKD school was pretty expensive and the guy that owned the school did not accepted my belts . So I went to this Kickboxing school that was owned by Ali at West Main st in Stamford CT , which was cheaper and closer from where I lived . The neighborhood was bad .
During my "training" I saw many irregularities in that place :
1.-Nazim Ali humiliated a Polish student in front of the entire 7 pm class . He told him that he smelled very bad and that he needed to shower before class .
2.-He called a fellow student "stupid" in front of me and told her to use her common sense or she can get out of his school . she never came back .
3.-Even though he told me I was a good student and a very good fighter , he placed me to train with old people and women .
4.-He only made the Latin guys clean the Dojo , especially a Guatemalan student . He tried to make me do it but I refused .
5.-one day he played a racist CD music in Spanish .
6.-At the end I realized that I was scammed and I never learn anything . He tricked everyone . I never knew what was a jab , a cross and uppercut or anything . He only made his students kick and punch the bag like in those moronic aerokickboxing class .

There were many things , but these are the most important . He now resides in Florida and opened another school . Nazim Ali in his old website affirms that he belongs to certain “ Martial arts organizations” E.P.K.A. (European Professional Karate Association) B.K.V (Belgium Karate Organization) and W.P.K.O. (World Professional Karate Organization). I was trying to google all of them , and the result that google gave me , were the name of one of the ANIMANIACS : WACKO. Would you please do me a favor and confirm that these organizations do rally exist? Or are just invented . I would appreciate it . You have more experience and know more than me . Thanks so much .