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Omega Supreme
6/16/2017 1:58pm,
Taken from TMZ.com

UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes (http://www.tmz.com/person/matt-hughes/) was badly injured in a car accident in Illinois on Friday when a truck he was in collided with a moving train, law enforcement tells TMZ Sports.
We're told the accident occurred at 10:39 AM. Law enforcement says 1 person was transported to a hospital with serious injuries. Dana White says that injured person is in fact Hughes.
Investigators are at the crash site trying to figure out what went wrong.
White says Hughes suffered head trauma and his family is on their way out to be with him.
Hughes is a UFC Hall of Famer -- a 2-time welterweight champion who beat stars like GSP, BJ Penn and Royce Gracie. He last fought in the UFC in 2011.
Earlier this year, he mulled a comeback.

6/16/2017 3:57pm,
Well, that's terrible.

6/16/2017 4:02pm,

Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes has been airlifted to a medical facility after the truck he was in collided with a train Friday.

The accident occurred just south of Raymond, Illinois, about 12 miles north of Hughes' home in Hillsboro.

Officials with the Illinois State Police are currently investing the crash, which took place at 10:43 a.m. on Friday.

6/16/2017 7:17pm,
****! I hope he is ok! I always loved watching him fight.

6/17/2017 1:08am,
Hoping he recovers soon.

10/22/2017 9:14am,
I heard he's recovering really fast!

10/22/2017 4:26pm,
They had a vid of him rolling a couple months ago, but think it was just for good press. He didn't look all there, was wearing his shoes on the mat, and was very light flo-ing, probably just to go through basic motions again.

Saw something else recently of him visiting the nurses that looked after him. He looked a lot better in the face, and seems to be putting more of his mass back on....which I guess is pretty extraordinarily considering he's lucky to have survived that!!

3/26/2018 7:05pm,

I was sitting here thinking how the hell did I miss this story it can't be real. Imagine my surprise when I found myself posting an article on the topic. WTF Brain?