View Full Version : Something special in San Marcos, Tx

6/12/2017 2:43am,
I'm looking for a good club in or near San Marcos, Tx. I recently moved to the area and haven't found anyplace to work out. My experience ranges from a black stripe in Jhoon Rhee Taekwondo, and playing with friends who've studied arts like BJJ, Judo, Chinese Fast Boxing, etc.
The art so long as the atmosphere and nature of the club are what I'm looking for, but I would prefer it to be some form of karate. I'm looking for a good place well equipped enough with a heavy bag or two a big mirror and at least a couple of layers of carpet for when I drop or get dropped. I enjoy katas and don't have much use for most self defense techniques but will swallow them. Sparring is important. I don't want to be maimed, but I'd like to feel it the next day.
For those that aren't aware, San Marcos in between Austin and New Braunfels. A school in those or other surrounding cities would suit my purposes were it worth the commute and the money. Thank you for any help or suggestions that you can make.