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5/12/2017 10:00pm,
Hello! I am looking for some information on two organizations that a local school is advertising being a part of. I can't find out very much about either one, and would like to know what I am getting into before I continue my training at this new school. Is anyone familiar with the American Jidokwan Association or the US Association of Martial Arts? As I said, a google search isn't giving me much to go on. Nothing for AJA and I can really only get the board of directors and company address (which happens to be a home address in my subdivision) for USAMA.

5/12/2017 10:03pm,
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5/12/2017 10:07pm,
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5/13/2017 12:25am,
What is the name and location of the school?

Is this the actual organization they claim membership to?

5/14/2017 10:54am,
It is eagle ridge martial arts in clermont fl. They say they are a member of that organization and American jidokwan association

5/16/2017 7:08am,
As far as the USAMA goes, my thoughts on that are "meh... good for them". I didn't see any reason to criticize membership to this organization specifically, but I don't know that it really means anything either.

I'm not a big fan of homogenization in any endeavor, because those types of orgs tend to turn into a well intentioned circle jerk. The school in question is a TKD school, and the Kukkiwon is going to be the authority on that, not a panel of judoka, karateka.

They do claim to be a member of the Kukkiwon, and they also state upfront that they teach WTF TKD, so assuming that checks out as true, the place would seem legit enough if you are looking to learn TKD.

As far as the Judikwon goes, I'm not finding much information that isn't historical. As long as they aren't trying to sell it as teh realz, secret, almost lost, unstoppable TKD, I wouldn't necessarily see that as a red flag either.

Maybe some TKD guys will come along with more insight, but when I look at it, I see a WTF TKD school, operating under the Kukkiwon, and stating that they emphasize one of the recognized original kwons. If you want to learn TKD, I suppose you could do a lot worse.

5/16/2017 2:12pm,
So there are only two things that I know for sure about this school: 1) the instructor, is only a 2nd degree in Kukkiwon, and she has stated that she is not able to run a Kukkiwon school at that rank. That's where the confusion comes. I haven't been able to get clear answers from them in regards to what Jidokwan is and how it relates to TKD.

2) This USAMA is run by a guy named Bret Gordon, who teaches at this school.