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5/09/2017 12:25am,
Really stupid problem here...

Just started up Judo and BJJ. In Judo randori the hangnails on the index finger of my weak (left) hand get ripped enough to bleed (not badly, just slight, but enough).

Is this normal? (I have a small hang nail on both the index finger and middle finger of my left hand just above the nails - not on any other fingers - and the roughness of the gi being ripped from my grip during randori is enough to tear them off). Should I somehow find a way to wrap my fingers? Will the callous up eventually? Light gloves?

Want to put my all into Judo but this makes me feel like a major wuss - not to mention the "oh damn, sorry about that spot of my blood on your gi..."

I'm assuming after a while it will just callous up?

5/09/2017 2:13am,
Speaking not from a wealth of experience, but from having just recently overcome what you are going through, my problem went away with a combination of time for my body to adjust to the new ways I found to injure it, and relaxing my grip.

I got the impression from the long time judokas I train with that it is pretty much to be expected.

I also had too tight a grip, which I was told is almost a universal problem with beginners.

Bring it up to the instructor at your next class. In my case, my problem went away on its own in a few weeks after I was advised how to hold a proper and more relaxed grip.

5/09/2017 2:44am,
Jacket wrastling is not easy on the hands, fingers nor nails. Definitely check with your instructor but if technique and experience doesn't "wear it in" you may need to do daily maintenance on your nails and fingers. Keep everything clipped short and filed and shaped properly. The stimulation to the nails and nail bed will actually encourage your cuticles to behave. Moisturize as well. Not kidding. Use some good unscented lotion in the morning and after training.

Carry some Good Cloth band-aids with you to the next class and make an effort to talk to your instructor about it.

Do not show up to Judo with gloves on...unless your instructor is like " yeah definitely grab some leather driving gloves and wear those to class"... then do it but maybe question the sanity the advice giver.

5/09/2017 10:41am,
Make sure your nails are trimmed and smooth. Trim them when it will be a couple of days (at least) until you do Judo again, they are tender after trimming.
Athletic tape is your friend. If you have an injury, put a bandage on it and cover it with athletic tape.

Eventually your hand/fingers will toughen up, but it takes a while.

Avoid the death-grip, but if you insist, make sure you tape your fingers.

5/09/2017 11:20am,

5/20/2017 8:40pm,
Tape up your fingers. Learn sooner than later.