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5/01/2017 3:15pm,
Hi everyone, I had a quick question that I thought one of you may be able to answer (as a google search has failed). I personally practise Jujitsu (not bjj) and out of interest just did a search for Dojos in japan however what I found was that there were next to no Jujitsu dojos or they were at least not listed on google maps. My question is whether Jujitsu has completely been abandoned by the Japanese and if there take on it is different to what is practised in other parts of the world. Thank you.

5/01/2017 6:34pm,
Kodokan Judo is a form of jujutsu, and is widely practiced in Japan and around the world.

What ryu of Japanese jujutsu do you practice?

Try this out as well.

Here is an informative article from the same website.

Pship Destroyer
5/01/2017 10:24pm,
By "next to no", what range are you referring to? 10?

Call me wrong but I thought the various ryu were relatively centralized in Japan. It's not like America where every strip mall has a school.. 15 total schools seem to jive with that.

And that's just what Google has, I'm sure there are other listings out there.

You might want to try spelling the name differently. "Jiu/Ju Jitsu" is just old Western spelling.

You can get more schools by searching for "jujutsu" or "jiujitsu" or even 柔術.

5/02/2017 1:05am,
I have spelt it jujutsu and google translated for the Japanese dolling you put.

5/02/2017 1:04pm,
I have spelt it jujutsu and google translated for the Japanese dolling you put.

What is the ryu or ryu ha of JJJ that you study?

There are a lot of "ju jitsu/ju jutsu schools out there that are only remotely if not at all related to traditional Japanese schools of ju jutsu.

Koryu (literally "old style") Japanese martial arts tend not to advertise like commercial dojo, as they are not commercial endeavors, but devoted to carrying on cultural traditions.

Whereas western schools of ju jutsu (unless associated with a true koryu jujutsu/bujutsu school) do tend to be more commercially oriented and have more open membership available.