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The Wyrd Thegn
4/30/2017 11:25am,
Recently I showed my sister some stuff about the "Suffragettes"(Like BAotW) and this has gotten her interested in martial arts to the point that she actually went out into the yard and let me teach her some basic stuff (btw I do not claim to know anything about anything I just wanted to show her what to expect). The Martial art she is primarily interested in is "Bartitsu" and she especially likes the umbrella/cane fighting.

But as far as I know there aren't any schools in Hawaii (But there is one in Vancouver which could be an option since I am moving to Seattle this summer and she would like to visit) I was thinking about buying her a book about Bartitsu to hold her over 'till then. This is the first time that I am introducing a martial art to someone that previously had no interest in it. Any tips or resources that could help? It would be most appreciated. :)

4/30/2017 11:48am,
Send her to judo or BJJ.

4/30/2017 12:02pm,
Bartitsu, by my understanding, is largely an experiment by experienced martial artists, who are trying to recreate the style from historical resources. Without a strong base, I don't know how futile it would be for a novice to try to train in the style. I could see it being a frustrating and short lived affair for someone without real fighting experience.

Also, with the upswell in interest among the steam punk hipster crowd, I would have concerns that the group you would find to train with may or may not even have a clue what they are doing.

As said by ghost, maybe judo or bjj or some other well established style would be better.

There is at least one poster on here who actively trains in bartitsu. Hopefully he will find this thread, and he can offer his insight.

The Wyrd Thegn
4/30/2017 5:17pm,
Thanks for the responses guys I'll be sure to talk to her about it. :)

4/30/2017 5:27pm,
While I agree judo & bjj are great and you have great schools in HI, if she is interested in weapons FMA, is where it is at. Of course the combination of FMA & a grappling art is even better.

4/30/2017 10:34pm,
I've been pretty closely involved with the Bartitsu revival for a long time. As GrouchyOldMan said, the revival project is an experimental process; some schools take it much more seriously as a martial art than others do. The gamut ranges from casual beginner classes at steampunk conventions to hardcore, historically accurate sparring, etc. That said, I'm pretty sure that there are no Bartitsu clubs in Hawaii anyway, though there is one long-running school in Vancouver.

In the short term, understanding that your sister is interested in the suffragette/martial arts connection, I'd recommend the following books to further whet her appetite:


... and if she's seriously interested in Bartitsu as a martial art:


Otherwise, the Bartitsu Wikipedia page is maintained by members of the Bartitsu Society and is highly accurate, and likewise http://www.bartitsu.org, which is easily the best public resource on Bartitsu history, techniques, news etc.

The rest of the advice given by others is good: prior to training in Bartitsu, a solid background in any combination of grappling, kickboxing and weapon skills is really useful and will certainly be in the spirit of what the suffragettes were doing back around 1913.

The Wyrd Thegn
5/01/2017 2:52pm,
I also found out about a martial art called "Krigarenve" anyone heard/have opinions of it?

8/08/2017 5:00am,
Haven't heard of it beofre. Found a website, and while the connection to viking fighting arts seems iffy (I don't see any mention of actual records of their hand to hand practices), it seems that at least it is based on actually wrestling with resisting opponents, so that speaks in its favour.