View Full Version : Noob looking for Chen Taiji quan in Toronto

4/27/2017 12:27pm,
I recently moved to Etobicoke, on Lake Shore Blvd W. I'm looking for recommendations for Chen style. I will consider other styles and martial arts.

Thanks! Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

4/27/2017 1:23pm,
I'm not aware of a large Chen presence in Toronto, but it's a hotbed for Wu Style since the head of the Wu Family, Eddie Wu made it his headquarters http://www.wustyle.com/

If you're really looking to dive into Taijiquan his group is probably the best option local to you.

4/27/2017 3:34pm,
Cool thanks!

4/27/2017 3:49pm,
I am going to move this to the CMA forum.
(from YMAS)