View Full Version : 1971 East German parachute troop hand-to-hand method.

4/22/2017 6:13pm,

This is from the 1971 East German parachute troop (fallschirmjager) manual. It is a subsection of the manual, showing the body of training for conscripts (two year mandatory term of service) personnel. It does not, not reflect what long term enlisted and officers experienced as the larger body of their training, which was more complex. This is for the high school student who was inducted for a two year period and who would return to civilian life at the end of those two years.

The material is not complex. It is simple unarmed combat, defense against a knife, defense against a gun, simple rifle disarms, and some basic bayonet work. The text refers to other training, such as Karate, judo, jiu-jitsu.