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3/22/2017 11:30am,
Hi Folks,'

I'm new here. Well, I just recently signed-up/created an account -But, I've been reading useful stuff here forever...
Anyway, I've spent almost 3 months looking for some stuff that I can train at home with.
My interests are Kali & Silat. And I did find one resource for each, which I'm somewhat happy with (for now). But that doesn't mean I stopped searching...

Of course, I've come across many McDojo style types, offering distance learning - And, most were just plain 'ole, run-of-the-mill pathetic. As in sad, and not worth sharing, etc.
Which brings me to *this* particular cast of characters I stumbled upon. I just feel compelled to share the link here, and just be like: "Sic 'em!"

What did it for me, was when he *actually* hits Bob...Not once, but twice - While he's talking -Wow. On a positive note, I'd like to think that "Grand Masters" like this (he couldn't look straight at the cam when he says it - eek!) are becoming a dying breed (?).

It's called bushindouniversity and it's the dynamic-eskrima-blackbelt-course Vid. AKA "Dynamic DeCuerdas Eskrima ONLINE Course"

(If this post is considered inappropriate in some way, let me know, I'll delete)