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2/04/2017 8:55pm,
Forum Search is broken for me.

Anything for Concord NH, I am not looking for a McDojo.


2/05/2017 8:29am,
I don't know that far north. There's a Renzo BJJ place in Salem and Exeter, and a Sityodtong affiliate in Plaistow. Manchester is appears to be a little on the thin side. Maybe check out Aqueous in Bedford, they say they are competition focused, but they don't seem to have their instructors or results listed. This post would be better off in YMAS or Newbietown.

2/26/2017 7:59pm,
What are you looking for? BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai. Chaos Martial Arts in Concord has a BB named John Sanders that instructs there that received his belt under Rodrigo Mederios/ Down in Dover is Kevin Watson a BB under Marcelo Alonso. There's a Boxing gym in Concord called Averills but I dont know anything about them.

7/24/2017 1:16pm,
Averill's in Concord is a competition boxing/kickboxing gym that also rolls Muay Thai into its KB curriculum. The gym has produced a few local Golden Glove winners, as well as winners in local KB competitions. The curriculum used to be more MMA, but they are focusing more on boxing and kickboxing recently, with a heavier emphasis on boxing, I think.